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After my previous post, I though Id share the mamoth and VERY close 2k game I had with the same person not too long ago:::

My list::

1 Brother Captain

1 Cannoness (Celestine before she became a saint lol)
-5 Celestians

1 =I=

1 Callidus Assassin



10 Battle Sisters

10 Battle Sisters

8 Seraphim

2 GK Hellfire Dreadnoughts Dreadnoughts

His Army;;;;

1 Kazu (Commander)
-Command Squad
-Stolen Rhino (see pics to understand)

2 Dreadnoughts

1 Hellfire Dreadnought

10 Tactial Squad

10 Tactial Squad

2 Speeders

5 Devastators

1 Predator


Now the Callidus Assassin moved the Predator into the ruins so its unable to get clear line of sight to much:

TURN 1::

My opponent took the initiative to go first (damn him) His forces moved out
The Predator tried to move out the ruins but immobolised it self (go assassin)

My turn was a little more productive, I moved out as normal - but thanks to a suicide run by IST squad 1 - I managed to destroy his central Dreadnought!


Getting cautios to my advance, his Rhinos moved to bloke the 2 main routes into his 2 Quatres of the table, his Speeders advanced to take out IST Squad Rhino 1, His other Speeder took out the Rhino for Sisters Squad 1 and his Dreadnoght went on the immobolise Sisters squads 2 Rhino in CC::

Time for some revenge, my Callidus assassin poped in behind the previously unladened Tactical squad and managed to fry 7 of them!! and then disapeared in the ensuing CC phase (damn here)
My Dreadnoughts slowly trundled on and managed to take out one of the Speeders by a Long Range sniper shot
The Immolator tore through the terrain and unloaded Celestine and her Celestians to onlook the oppsoing Devastators killing all but the Plasma Cannons
The sisters who witnessed their Rhino destroyed by the Dreadnought moved into nearby terrain and fired upon the rear armour of the ancient beast, destroying it utterly in a display of awesome fire power;;;

TURN 3;;;;

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