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Otsego said:
I understand the double your toughness type instakill. But if there is a model with multiple wounds that gets hit by a weapon with an AP equal to or lower than its' save, then it also is insta killed right? Or does it just lose a wound with no regular save allowed? Thats how we've been playing it but I can't find it in the rule book.

Sorry for such a noob question, I must really be tired. I'm going to bed.

In short
1-if, at any time, a multi wound model is wounded by a weapon that qualifies for ID, it is killed outright, no matter how many wounds it inflicts-only 1 is needed fro ID
2-if a weapons AP is equal or lower than the armour worn by any model, then the model does not get a save, and takes a wound as normal.
3-combine 1 and 2
4-there are some models that have special wargear or rules that allow them to withstand shots that would normally insta kill. Conversely, models with an invulnerable save may alway take it unless the weapon specifically addresses invulnerable save (psycannon).
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