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Instant heroes

~East corner of the market of Minolta, On the world of Fyrus~

A red beam passed about an inch from the head of Career Sergeant Javier Rodrigo.
“Watch it, Graves, you almost took my head off!� The sergeant yelled at his young communications specialist.
“sorry sarge…� the young corporal replied, “these goddamn Tau are faster than I thought� A look of worry on his face, “How the hell are we supposed to fight what we can’t see?�
The aged man surveyed the scene in front of him, the tau had effectively cut off his platoon from the rest of the company. The veteran had a determined look about him, with a wave of his hand he silenced his men,
and there was a silence in the streets…..
“OH *****� yelled the sergeant yelled as he dropped backwards, the beam of plasma passing directly over his nose as he composed himself and returned fire with his bolt pistol. Rounds placed blindly into the street.
A smile crossed the face of the man next to him. “efficient little bastards…aren’t they� Commented PFC Jones.
“yeah.� agreed the sergeant. His face was heavy set, he was outmaneuvered and outnumbered.
In the middle of the street a bright pink grenade exploded, spewing pink smoke, quickly followed by a second, and then a third.
The Market was suddenly alive with the silhouette of the Tau fire warriors, dressed alike in their blue tunics and white body armour. They moved swiftly between whatever cover was available in the ruined market. Almost too fast for the guardsmen to see, the only sure way to tell they were there being the plasma rifle beams passing by their position.
The guardsmen fired at whatever they could see, almost sure that the only thing they hit was the smoke, and possibly the crumbled pavement….
“count?� Inquired Graves.
“At least 20� replied the sergeant.
“aw crap“ I‘ll repot this in…“Command, this is Mustang-One Zero, surrounded, need evac or support ASAP.� Graves spoke into the headset.
A voice replied “Command here, no can do One-Zero, we’re waist high in the ***** here, get to you when we can, Tau forces everywhere, support from fleet is anticipated soon, command out�
“Jeez, we’re gonna need a miracle� Graves half yelled into the Headset and half at the tau encircling their position.
The blasts of blue plasma indicated the Tau were getting closer as Lance Corporal Nervure’s head became a smoldering mess.
“Emperor save us…� Muttered Private Lewis.

The sergeant was searching desperately for something that he could do, the idea of being trapped like a rat in a cage, subject to the swift, efficient death of an alien weapon caused a knot in his stomach. “No� he thought to himself….He glanced at the troops to the left and right of him, these were good men, His men, they had been together for two years now, no way it was going to end like this.. He said the only thing he could think of….
“Take your frag grenades and pull the pin as soon as they get over the wall…..they’ll have no time to get away, and we become instant heroes…�
The men, who had been firing blindly over the wall, suddenly realized that this was futile, they were staring certain death in the face. They began to relax, Sat back against the wall, Graves and Lewis covered Nervure’s body with a standard issue rain poncho. Moreno muttered a silent prayer. Jones drew a cigarette from his tunic, lit it and spoke calmly, “I hope the emperor lets these Tau into the afterlife after we blow the ***** out of them….�
Lewis looked at him, shocked. “what kind of crap are you talking now?�
“well,� Jones started, taking a long drag on his synthetic tobacco cigarette “I want to see these *****s in the afterlife so I can kick the ***** out of them�
The 6 remaining members of 5th platoon, Alpha company of the 7th Cavalry division chuckled nervously to themselves, the kind of laugh reserved for a man dying in his hospital bed of an incurable disease.
“okay� interjected Rodrigo, “I can’t stand the silence any longer, Moreno, play something while we wait, we got a good 45 seconds till the Tau figure out what to do with us…�
Master Corporal Moreno, the company bugler, pulled off his gear sack, and subtracted a tarnished brass Trumpet, took an extremely deep and long breath, and began a rendition of “smite all those who oppose� in C major. The sound was so beautiful that the sarge felt a tear run down his cheek, he wiped it with his soiled, bloody sleeve, and forced himself to be calm.
The sound of barked orders in tau language cause them all to stop and listen, while Moreno played while removing his grenade at the same time.

“time to go….. I’ll see ya boys, I enjoyed it tremendously� remarked the sergeant.
The remaining troops could hear the footsteps of the Tau getting closer, coupled with the sound of Moreno on the Horn and the distinctive “pop� of several standard G6-A fragmentation grenades being armed.

At that moment, the funniest thing happened , Rodrigo could swore he heard the revving of an engine in the distance followed by the sound of machine gun fire, he initially thought he was dreaming, but when he saw no Tau jumping over his position, only the sound of their rifles, he was curious why he wasn‘t dead yet, and as he was about to sneak a peek over the ruined wall, the comm. Set came to life….

“Mustang-One-Zero, this is Sierra-Niner, one miracle coming right up�

The sergeant was thinking, “Sierra-Niner, who the hell is that?� as he came over the edge, what he saw almost gave him a heart attack, there, in the middle of the street were several Space Marines in the dark blue of the Evangelist chapter, standing in front of an MK-III Rhino, finishing off the last of the Tau warriors…..

The sergeant yelled up to their position….
“Lets go, guys, we were in the area and heard you call…..�
The Sergeant jumped to his feet, “up and at em’ guys lets go!“

The remaining guardsmen hopped into the back of the Rhino, followed by the marines, after the Rhino had begun to speed forward through the streets, the driver commented, “you guys look like hell, but you held them off long enough for us to land….an entire division of Tau infantry was waiting for those scouts to report, and since they didn’t move, Fleet was able to get a lock on them and bomb the ***** out of the place, 96% casualties……Instant Heroes, I guess, you’re gonna get a load of medals, I assume…�

The sergeant didn’t hear because he was busy regarding the street outside through one of the firing slots, He noticed the civilians emerging from the rubble to pick up their shattered pieces of their old lives, while the battle raged not 50 miles from them…..Rodrigo knew, down deep, somewhere he couldn’t really explain that even though the enemies of man may outnumber them ten, no, a thousand to one, that they didn’t have a chance in winning, not while he still drew breath. The last thing he remembered before falling into a black, dreamless sleep was the marines humming softly to the tune of “smite all those who oppose�

Thanks, any feedback would be great.
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