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Okie dokie folks, here it is. In the upcoming spring AoD, we'll be having some betwen-match entertainment.

So, my lot is to run the section where characters take on various critters currently taking residence in the Imperial Zoo (or hiding under the sewers:p). So, those of you that think you're tough enough, place your names here.

How it will work is that you register your characters by posting here. The character can be different to what you use in the bigger AoD. presently, only the name is required, but later (ie, once this is finalised) I'll be needing characters anmes and Fluff as well as their equipment. I reserve the right to de-register anyone, but will not do so unless you're character isn't posted here before the arena kicks off, and even then, you'll be PMed first.

What I'm thinking is that we have 3 stages. Stage 1 would be something like a US 3-4 monster (Chaos Spawn, Tree Kin, Ogre maneater etc) then Stage 2 ups things a bit to US5 give or take (Treeman, maybe a Shaggoth or something similar) then for Stage 3 the true warriors could face something like a Dragon (rest assured, not just a Dragon, we're talking the Lord of all Dragons).

As for restrictions, it would be similar to the actual AoD, but with a few lifted (say, a few things allowed), opinions here are more than welcome.

Ideas? Improvements? I'm open to suggestions.

Finally, registration. Being a sideshow, I'd rather cap it at 8, but if I get more interest, 16 could be a plausibility.

1)xrix1 (Gorp the Refinedcharacter submitted)
2)Arky (Grimbal Thunderbeardcharacter submitted)
3)Phoenix (Phoenix the Beastlord- ressurected once more:p- EDcharacter submitted)
4)pookakitty (character tba)
5)mpdscott (Gragnash the Walkercharacter submitted)
6)Bleyden (Hexxan-olcharacter submitted)
7)xadrian (character tba)
8 )Bluehorrors (Kraken the Old Onecharacter submitted)
9)throkken (XlmundiB]character submitted[/B])
10 )Chaosundivided (Lord Draco von Carstien, aka Nibbles the Magic Bunnycharacter submitted)
11)PAw (Ghak-Skarcharacter submitted)
12)swntzu (Gorak Ironmawcharacter submitted)

We also have a waiting list of:
2) Morden

So, now that registrations done, you can choose one of the following for your character:
250pts following the normal restrictions as per the AoD (see the main thread for specifics)
200pts with no limits (aside from the 200pts), ie,the following items are allowed:
* Tress of Isolde
* Sword of Fate
* Van Horstmann's Speculum
* The Daemon Sword
* The Fellblade
* The Bane Head
* The Grudge Rune
* The Talisman of Saphery
* Kurbog's Curmudgeonly Klobbera
* Virtue of Confidence
* Annoyance of Netlings
* Spirit Sword

Watch this space, as more items will likely be added.

Announcement! The following items are too powerful and are thus banned in the Arena (we have to be fair to the poor monsters as well):
Rune of the True Beast
Collar of Zerga

Watch this space as more are expected to be banned. *looks at Phoenix's character* hmm, Mark of Khorne...:p jk

This should keep things fairer. Any complaints/grievances feel free to let me know and I'll see how we can sort it out.

The Matchups will be in this order
1) Gorp the Refined (xrix1) vs War Hydra and Tree Kin
2) Kraken the Old One (Bluehorrors) vs Stegadon and Chaos Spawn
3) Gorak Ironmaw (swntzu) vs Wyvern and Dragon Ogre w/- GW
4) Phoenix the Beastlord (Phoenix) vs Daemon Prince with lovely shiny sword (counts as a hand weapon for this battle)
5) Grimbal Thunderbeard (Arklite) vs Mutant Giant and Gorger
6) Gragnash the walker (mpdscott) vs Bone Giant and Bloodbeast of khorne
7) Xlmundi of the Blood Pyramid (throkkenn) vs Shaggoth w/- Great weapon
8 ) Lord Draco von Carstein (Chaosundivided) vs Treeman
9) Hexxan-ol (Bleyden) vs Griffon and Tomb Scorpion
10 ) Lord Dagonet (THE.) vs Manticore and Nurgle-marked Bloodkine (which also starts w/- +1 wound)
11) Gilles de Raufier (gingerninja) vs Carnosaur and Gorger
12) Ghak-Skar (PAw) vs Big Joe- Doombull w/- MoKhorne, Axes of Khorgor


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yarg! i be in for this battle of yours :D

Nurak tharr shall take part in these gladatorial pit fights with his mighty rune axe!

(question... are storm of chaos slayers in or out?)

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Im in! and i wont be loosing this one... ;) Beasts of Chaos! Phoenix is revived!

Slannesh took him for his own, but some of that Khornate Blood still remains...

Phoenix the BeastLord
Mark of Khorne
The Berserker Sword
Armour of Damnation
Gaze of the Gods

Edit: Since this entry, HoC has been made obsolete and BoC must now work only from their own book, so unless you have the above combo set and ready to go and have already used it somewhere AFG, then id like to change to become a true beast:

Phoenix the BeastLord
Mark of Slannesh
The Black Maul
Chaos Armour
Crown of Horns

Actually, thats not too bad! S7 with 5A, at I6... :) oh, and a 3+Sv, 5+ Ward. ItP too! I like! :)

You all know of Phoenix by now. Enters a lot, dies a lot. White fur, Ice weapons, both probably quite bloody after each death...

He wont be dying this time though! Amongst his own kin, they will be unable to strike him! Until alas he was stripped of his rune... once again a mere mortal. Spoilsports :p

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I think I might have a go at this one too.....
*sneaky sneaky tricksy*

His name shall be....

Gragnash The Walker
Savage Orc Warboss
Light Armour; Warpaint; Frenzy
Basha's Bloodaxe
Enchanted Shield
Bigged's Kickin' Boots
Points: 223

Gragnah The Walker; A bit of a loner when it comes to Orcs, but considering he has a habit of going baresark and killing everything around him, it's not really his fault. On the other hand, it has been mentioned a few times, that he has an incredibly destructive odor about him (typically causing one of the aformentioned baresark rages). This rage seems to extend to any creature he attempts to ride, resulting in a splitting headache when the boar (or whatever poor creature is unfortunate enough to be sitting underneath him) sprouts an axe from it's head.
Gragnash has walked all the way to the Arena from his home mess, that he calls Tekzass.

-edit- I guess I have to remove the Collar of Zorga :( shame too, it was a good item....

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Righty ho then, all of you are added to the guests list.

One question I'm still undecided on: Should I lift the banning on several items/virtues?

Oh yeah, a warning- don't make your characters yet. I have yet to finalise how many points they will be (though 250 is most likely). Actually, that gives me some inspiration. Hows this:
You can choose one of teh following rules to adhere to:
*You have 250pts if you stick to the AoD rules.
*You have 200pts with no limit (Just bear in mind that Stage 1 will likely see you against 2 things)

Finally, Arky, the normal AoD says you can use SoC lists, so I don't see why you can't here.


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Im up for this, what is better at killing beasties than a small dinosaur!!!

Hexxan-ol shall walk the jungles of death.

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*gets to work!*

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Im all for this mate i think it will be really exciting. Heres my setup my trusty kraken just he left his mount at home :)

Kraken The Old Blood:

Sword of Might
Enchanted Shield
Aura Of Quetzl
Light Armour

Spawnings: Sotek,Quetzl

and he weighs in at 243pts

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Im in Xlmundi of the Blood Pyramid will enter this arena.

Xlmundi of the Blood Pyramid

saurus Oldblood
blessed spwaning of Quetzl
blessed spawning of Tzunki
blessed spawning of Tiazcotl
light armour
The Maiming Shield
Great Weapon
Aura of Quetzl

(6 St 7 attacks, a 2+ armour and a 4+ward)
All for 244pts

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Count me in, Lord Draco von Carstein (also known as nibbles the magic bunny) wants to kill some beasties 8X!


Enchanted Shield
Walach's Bloody Hauberk
Infinite Hatred
Blood Drinker
Gem of blood

All for exactly 250 points.

2+ armour save.

5+ ward save.

Hates all enemies and may re-roll failed rolls to hit in every round of close combat.

For each unsaved wound inflicted by the blood drinker, the wielder (or the unit he is with) immediately regains a single wound suffered earlier in the battle.

When the wearer suffers its first wound in close combat (before saves, killing blow, multiple wounds, etc), roll a dice. On a roll of 1 the wearer suffers the wound as normal, with an additional wound with no armour save allowed. On a 2+ the wound is saved, and is rebounded onto the model that caused it, with no armour saves allowed.



Draco von Carstein was once under the command of Konrad von Carstein, during his years as ruler of Sylvania, when one day he offended the the mad lord. Konrad, in one of his sicker moods, ordered Draco to be released into the woods, so that Konrad and his fellow vampires could hunt him like a wild beast. Draco however escaped, and has since wandered the world, searching for a way to finally prove his might. Then he hears of the Arena. Without any hesitation, Draco heads straight there, intent on reclaiming his honour.

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im in! Ghak-Skar da Elf chompa of the Ice toof tribe
Ghak-skar, Da elf Chompa of da Ice Toof Tribe.
Ghak-skar hails from the worlds edge mountains in recent years he has conquered the local Orc and Gobblin tribes and has Successfully Raided many Dwarven Settlements. He has a ill temper and insatiable thirst for killing anything bigger then he is. as he puts it "Dem Stunties iz no challunge, dey to small" he also has a fondness for his "Basha" which is a large two handed warhammer... although due to the size of Ghak-skar he easily wields it with one hand.

Martog's best basha
Enchanted shield
Bigged's Kickin' boots
The Collar of Zorga
Heavy armor
Boar "Gurlag"

Total 250pts

1+ Save

Steeds, monsters and beasts Pulling chariots require 6 to hit the bearer
Armed to da teef

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Are ogres allowed?

If so here is my character:

Gorak Ironmaw

Light Armour



After years of serving the Cathayan armies, Gorak grew tired of the lack of challenges that his job entailed. His host would rout the enemies of the Celestial Emperor with ease. Of course the flesh of cowards did not have the same exquisite taste of his first kill. One day Gorak came across a tattered poster advertising the opportunity to feast on the flesh of dragons (at least this is what Gorak read).

In pursuit of this elusive flavour, Gorak left the employ of the local mandarin (who raised the ogre's pay threefold in an attempt to keep him) and set off to the Old World.

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Alright, you got me there. I'm going to have to take a tougher stance in the future, but for now I'll add you all in.

But for now:
Registration closed.

Thanks for the interest folks:).


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Ok This is my Old Blood Hexxan-ol.

Old Blood
Piranha Blade (unsaved wounds are doubled)
Enchanted Shield (+2 Armour save)
Aura Quetzl (4+ Ward against S5+ attacks)
Light Armour (+1 Armour Save)
Spawning of Quetzl (+1 Scaly Skink Save)
Spawning of Tzunki (+1 Initiative)

Point Cost 243 (5 S5 attacks at WS6, Toughness 5, 1+ save, 4+ ward)

Hexxan-ol wandered back from that mystical arena defeated. He had no idea what defeat was. It consumed him, how could he have been beaten? Everyone had thought he died in that arena but he was obviously blessed for greater things as Quetzl himself chose him to live. He has since let it be known that he will hunt down every large creature and slay them till his lizardmen rule the world again.

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OK, here is my entry.

Gorp the Refined.

Cast out of his tribe for his fashion sense and his love of the finer things in life he comes to the arena of death to find others who share his interests. Arriving with his all new self made wardrobe and accessories he hopes to make a good impression.

Savage Orc Warboss (6+ ward and frenzy)

Courtly garments made of the finest skinned animals and the highest quality shiny bits
(Armour of Gork, light armour + 1 Toughness)

Perfumed Hat made from his own ummm... leavings
(Idol of Mork, -1 to be hit in CC)

Portable seat made from a big rock
(Great weapon)

Vintage spirits left in the sun for at least 2 years
(Battle brew, roll before battle 1-2 stupidity, 3-4 hatred, 5-6 hatred and frenzy)

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I dunno if it's too late but here's my character (first time entering w00t!)

Lord Dagonet

Descendant of the legendary beast hunter Agilgar, Lord Dagonet abandons his realm to his most trusted knights and strides forward to prove his mettle in the monster slug fest!

Grail vow
virtue of audacity
gromril great helm
sword of heroes
barded warhorse

230 total

he has heavy armour to begin with.
(should have 1+ rerollable armour save, 6+ ward save, 5+ ward save against str 5 or higher, rerolls to hit and wound against enemies of higher str, +1str against enemies of toughness 5 or higher, and causes d3 wounds..)

I hope i'm not breaching the rules by putting the stuff ..

I'm not entirely sure abou the AOD rules (being my first time)... so if i've done anything illegal in my setup be sure to tell me !

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