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Snikkit: Hi kids, I'm inquisitor Snikkit!
Snikkit: Today we're going to talk about the pre-concieved notion that guardsmen suck!
Snikkit: Because they do!
CadianGuy: Hi! I suck!
Snikkit: In this scenario, you'll notice that the standard issue imperial flashlight
doesn't do diddly
CadianGuy: (Shoots SpaceMarine)
SpaceMarine: Ow! Quit it!
Snikkit: Whereas a good bolter...
SpaceMarine: Punk.
Snikkit: And this is why Imp's come in groups of 40 or 50!
(flashlights poke out from everywhere)
Snikkit: Now that's a lot of diddly!
Snikkit: A cruel and unusual demonstration you say?
Snikkit: maybe, but we're the inquisition, and we know where you live!

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Yeah I've seen this comic strip too... It's pretty funny and there's a lot more like it... Can't remember where I saw them though...
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