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Interesting conversion

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Was reading the forums not long back and read about a guy telling everyone how he was thinking of getting a unit of 3 bretonian pegasus knights and converting them into DE nobles on dark pegasus's.

Well, i have done just that.

i have bought the three pegasus knights and i am using mounted champions of slaaneesh for the nobles but i don't know what to use for the horns of the pegasus's as i am having trouble modelling them, any suggetsions?

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what type of horns are u looking for? The twisted unicorn type, the demon curve type? If your specific with the type you want, it makes it easier for everyone to help you out with models that might have the horns you want
I find horns easy to model if you wire up how the horn looks like with steel wire (not too soft wire), when you've got the form on the horn just pin it to the place of the pegasus you want (usually on the forhead) and model the basic form with green stuff. Let it dry. now you can add details or fix odd looking spots.

Good luck to you!
post pics when you have finished painting and show us all :w00t:
I dont particularly know what type of horns to use but i just wanted them to look menacing but not stupid. I want it to be clear that they are dark pegasi and not the woos version that the bretonians use.

Also, as the dark pegasus has the special rule 'impale' i wanted to make it seem feasible that they actually could impale someone rather than just headbutting them!

I am currently waiting for the slaneesh models to arrive in my local toys and hobbies store so it may take a couple of weeks to finish them, but i will be sure to post pictures as soon as they are done.

well then model something like the morathi concept pegasus horns then. Don't make the horns too thick like the GW version.
You could make use a really nasty looking spike with engraved symbols on it, like the elves had either replaced the natural horn (which is quite dark elf) or fitted a metal sheath over the top. This opens up your options a lot.
Hmmm, my mind is whirring. Do you think the beastmen would have any models i could canabilise for their precious horns?

Again, something not to garish but suitably menacing and dark elven.

Dude- I've just dug up an old empire pegasus since your idea got my mind whirring. I'm going to try and green-stuff a variety of horns- I'll let you know how they go. As a quick aside- do the actual dark-pegasus horns come as a separate component?
I know it's been a few weeks since you asked but I just finished building my dark pegasus. I used an old empire model. I filed it's hooves in the centre to give it cloven hooves (more eee-vil) and added a jagged horn. It tried green-stuffing some but it appears I'm not very good at that. Instead I cut down a Dark Elf spear and filed it into a less 'bladey' shape. It's just wide enough to pin. I then built up the base with green stuff to make it look like it had grown there. Like a true numpty I sprayed it black before getting photos but I should have it base-coated in a few days and I can post some pictures then, if you like. Now I'm working on getting a hero figure that will sit on the bloody thing.

Edit: I took a bunch of photos but didn't have much luck- I was just snapping shots on my work table rather than setting up all my photo gear. This is the best I could manage- you can see the horn modelled on. I haven't finished painting it yet but this gives you the basic idea.

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