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Involved Conversion, please help.

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I am currently going to convert an inquisitor for my radical DH army. He's a mutant, so I need the following. I need you guys to comment on bitz that you think would do well, etc.

>>> A draconic-looking head. I am thinking that I'll end up using a kroot head or a lizardman head. Possibly even a tyranid head: I saw a ripper in the 4th rulebook that struck my fancy.

>>> A suit of terminator armour. In game, he has artificer armour, however I'll model it on terminator armour because it looks better, IMHO. It's bigger, and will suit the model.

>>> Something to represent a needle pistol. I'm thinking of just modelling spikes on his left forearm, or some such.

>>> A force weapon. Should I model a forearm blade, or is there a neat-looking halberd (I would prefer a halberd to a sword), or what?

I can do a quick sketch of what I have in mind, if you would like.
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the halberd and the needle pistol are easy.


the needle pistol

the head is a bit more problematic but id go for

though personnaly i don't like the idea of the head and would go for either

or take a normal plastic head and dip it in plastic glue so that onlyone side is covered then let it soften then gently draw your finger down (wear latex gloves for this) this side of the face pulling the details out of proportion, this would give you a better mutation look in my opinion.
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I did a mockup in photoshop of the conversion.

I plan on using the plastic terminator legs that have the most action (shown in the picture), the GKT sword arm #2 (it's extended, also full of action), a ripper head, The chaos warrior cape, some bitz from the terminator sprue (the tabard of leather strips), a tyranid warrior head carapace, and some green stuff.

I realise that the sizes may be off in the picture, however with a bit of tweaking, I'm sure everything will fall into place.
I would go with either the ripper or the lizardmen thing that Decado linked... those 2 I think look the most "vicous." I'm not a fan of the Obliterator heads.

Well, this isn't much of help but just hitting the subject.. fluff wise.

This conversion would be violating the extreme laws of inquisitors... ^.^.

Even if its radical, all inquisitors are still human, and other form, will result in....

death.. as purging mutants is their game.
yeah~ they tolerate Radicals humans, not mutants, fluffy wise he'd be killed off the second he was revealed as a mutant, by even his own men. Radicals are just those that use unothodox methods too achieve ends.
In the novel lord of the night an inquisitor has tusks, so it is possibly for inquisitors to have minor mutations.
yeah but not the head of tyranid okay?
So Quixos, then, wasn't an inquisitor? Mine is almost along the same lines. He mutated himself, in order to become stronger, and he's radical to the point where he's excommunicate.
heh then that would pass well fluff wise, i guess ;)
Yeah, but did he change is body completely? Still, he had tusk, so what, Space Wolfs have more hair and extended canines. BUT they still have human features and the rest of humanity still tolerates them. But I was a Chaplin of the SMurfs, and that thing came to me, I'd annihilate it on the spot. With Obital Bombardment.
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