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Iron hands...

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Whare do I get the rules for these Iron hands?
What are they like anyway?
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To make them you need to use the chapter traits (in that section in the codex it tells you what traits you must use).

The Iron Hands have close ties to the adeptus mechanicus, they have lots of master crafted gear and lots of dreadnaughts. They don't have chaplins and commanders a such, they get Iron fathers, they combine the role of priest and commander.

They have a severe hatred of weakness, they view flesh as weak as it isn't strong like metal, thusly lots of their brothers have bionic enhancements.

Thats a brief summary, hop it helps.
They are very cool, if you read the novel 'Iron hands' by Jonathan Green it is a good book and provides some useful insights into the chapter.
Sounds liek the right cahpter to use If I want to make a mech army.
Plus black power armor owns.
Definately mech, they are supremely cool when you start loading up on dreadnaughts.
Black armour is cool, just not as good as grey (go 13th company :yes: !)
Yeah dreanoughts and Razorback with predator rolling by...
what a cool site that would be.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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