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Is All Scouts good in a BA army?

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If you had six squads of scouts, support from incoming jump packs, death company and baal predators, would you be set? I was wondering if it was a good idea to make a scout list in Blood Angels. If you get the first turn, you will be charging right away (free scout move, black rage move(if I roll a one) regular move and assault move). But on the other hand, if they get the first turn, my scouts could be ripped to shreds. Would it be good or no?

Help please.
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Space marine scouts do not get the scout move. It is not listed on there profile like it is on the sentinel. They get infiltrate instead. The other drama is heavy weapons. Aside from your assault cannons you could only take one heavy weapon as all your scout squads except one must be BA scouts.
It'll wax some armies and get pwned by others.

BA scouts are the only scouts in any SM army that can have furious charge. So it's helpful to have a squad or 2 in your army. I generally take 2 cc scout squads with PF and 1 assault squad rather than 2 assault squads. it's very points-efficient.

if you go all scouts in your troop choices, you'll win alot of games, but may not score particularly well in the sportsmanship area.

that said, give it a shot by proxying and see if you like it first before committing all that cash to 6 full squads of scout models.

For my own BA army, I go with a maximum of 2 10 man cc scout squads with PF. I support that with 2 tacticals in rhinos. that generally makes up my troop choices up to 2000 points.

At 2500, I like to add a drop podding tactical or veteran squad with PF, a MG, bolters, and either a MM or PF in the heavy weapon slot depending on what type of squad it is.

having played at least 500 games with my BA and having experimented with all sorts of lists from min-maxed troop choices and 2 chaplains (yeah, sorry, I was just strating out in the game) to a shooty static army. What I found works best with BA or ANY SM army is focusing on your core SM strengths, which is fire and maneuver. combined arms all the way is the way to go with ANY space marine army. it's a combination that's tough to beat. In a BA army, I'd go with a slightly higher percentage of assault-oriented units that one would see in a trait SM army (I run 40 percent or so, which included HQ, scouts, and assault marines), while keep the rest in dual use tactical squads and/or dedicated fire support units.

Your opponent will have a tough time guessing what you're going to do from turn to turn, and you can switch out tactics very quickly to deal with and finally defeat your opponent.
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I have some questions. Do you own the BA codex? If you do then why do you ask these questions.

Not to be mean but you should have squads of regular marines and yes some scouts. You are gonna need those marines becuase they can hit harder and take more hvy. weapons. ALso if your scared about getting shot at use a razorback because it has hvy. bolters or Lascannons. The whole point of your army is to get as many death company as you can because they are a big threat. So spread your choices around.
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