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Is All Tank Blood Angels Good?

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I'm new to 40k and I was wondering if an all tank army is good. In Blood Angels I made a list that includes 9 Assault Cannons, 12 Heavy Bolters and 3 Furioso Dreadnoughts. I also still have a Chaplain. Will it work or will I get ripped to shreds?

Advice Please
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Depends on who your fighting, this list would do very well against swarm armies, but be ripped to shreds buy tau, eldar, dark eldar and possibly ig. This would be an extremely one sided list and I wouldn't recommend it for tournaments but w/ friends it would make for an interesting game.
I remember seeing your list from the rending thread here.....

couple things.
*you either win big or lose middle ground for you.

*you kill horde sweat
*if your opponent has lots of light vehicles you can easily destroy those
*you have rending a lot....a 6 has got to turn up sometime and deal a lucky wound to a monstrous creature
*nine landspeeders and other armored stuff mean the bulk of your force doesn't die to regular bolter fire
*landspeeders can run rings around opponents if moved properly
*your 24 inch range advantage means you dominate the mid field.

*your close combat sucks so don't get stuck in, termis may hit too slow depending on opponent
*if you see an opponent with a meltabomb start running....with the new assault rules if an assault squad manages to spread its line out close enough to touch like all 3 of the Baal predators in an assault you could possibly all three in one turn. They hit auto if you don't move and they're not going to fail a meltabomb penetration test that many times. (its 8 plus 2D6 I think)
*your army is not good at dealing with heavy armor so avoid fighting tau, imperial guard, and mechanized eldar. (jetbikes and vypers and stuff)
*you have no range heavy weapons and 9 landspeeders can't make it across the field that fast to hit rear armor of tank
*you're extremly vulnerable to monstrous creature attacks/shooty armies with bigger guns

its an interesting concept and I think it would do well against certain horde armies with 4+ save or better.....but exactly the opposite against 3+ types or better. And you will easily be outgunned by lascannons and their army equivalent....possibly losing a lot of your force before you can get the assault cannons close enough to damage.
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Why would you want to go shooty with the Blood ANgles? Blood Angles are a cc army. They dont shoot all the BA do is march down mid field and get into cc with that Furious Charge they can tear through most units and dont forget death company. You should drop the tanks and spend it on more Marines because the more squads the more Death Company. So an all tank Blood angles army is not a good idea try playing Iron Hands or go chaos and play the Iron Warriors.
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