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Is GW Eliminating 40mm square bases?

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Well, I've started rebuilding my vampire counts and am building my Spirit Hosts out of models from other armies. In my pursuit of this goal I went to buy those wonderful 40mm square bases that swarms are mounted on and apparently they are no longer availible. has anyone else noticed that GW seems to be eliminating more and more items from their stock
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GW are reshuffling it's products to reduce cost, hence the bitz packs. It's possible that the bases are just an unfortunate casualty or they'll come back in one form or another.
From what I have seen in my local store, they are only doing bases in packs that come with a certain amount of ALL the sizes of base (I think they are doing a square set, and a circle set).

And this,
seem to be what GW are doing with the bases now.
it is a bit of a drag wih 'base packs" (who seriously wants to pay for yet more 25mm cirle bases?) the best bet is really to ask around with friends / local hobbiest. sometimes thestores even give away a base if you just want one.

otherwise you could build your own, using 4 20mm bases andd some green stuff and glue
or plasticard...I did it for the six or seven scratch built Heavy Weapons teams I had...
they're in the UK online store (link) and the Canadian online store (link), they're also in the German online store (link) .

I guess the only store they're not in is the US online store. Maybe you could go to your GW and ask for them to order a bag with 16 40mm square monster slottabases?
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