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the contents are something like this:

SM Captain - Power Sword, bolt gun
5 Terminators - 4x storm bolter and power fist, 1x storm bolter and power sword
10 tac marines - 8x bolter, 1x missile launcher, 1x flamer
1 Dread, multi-melta and CCW/storm bolter

Ork Warboss- Power klaw, Shoota
5 Nobz - Choppa, Slugga
20 Boyz, choppa slugga
3 Deffcopters - TL rikkit launcha, choppa

Thats what you get, no extra options.

And if you buy 3 sets and want to field everything, just get a master of the forge, and you can take the dreads as heavy support =D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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