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is there any real money in painting minis?

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Someone said to me today 'why don't you try and make some cash selling painted minis - I know this guy who knows this guy who's making a living out of doing that... etc'.

Now I thought, making a little extra pocket money is probably a possibility if you know where to advertise but it's a pretty obscure service. So I was wondering, have any of you ever commissioned work, if so what and roughly how much was it? Where did you find the service? What do you think... is there monkey to be made painting other peoples minis - and just how good would you have to be to do it?

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First of all you didnt really specify whether you were talking about being a painter for hire or selling on ebay, or your own store, etc.

There are lots of ways to make good money off of GW on ebay if you're smart and patient.

As a painter for hire you make even more because the models are supplied for you and all you're doing is trading your time for money. If you make sure you are getting paid a decent rate/hour you are making good money for something you are good at.

If you're just trying to make some extra cash here and there and not trying to do it as a career that is definitely possible. Paint models in your spare time for fun and then sell them. If you're working a normal job and selling models here and there on the side you're winning.

The other thing people often overlook are scenery pieces. People are selling fairly crappy scenery for a relatively large amount of money (and high shipping costs) and people are buying because they are lazy. If you have access to pink foam and a cutter and some time you can make a lot of $$$.

That is just a few of the ways to make money off GW I just don't feel like writing a book.
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