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Is this legal?

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Could you give a chaos lord/general the Chalice of Chaos and Master of Mortals? Because then you could have a Daemonic mortal(?) leading a mortal army, but it never says that when you choose the Chalice of Chaos that you can choose from the Daemonic armoury, but it never says you could'nt.
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Sadly no. Daemon Princes and Exalted Daemons have access to the gifts, and mortal lords/champions have access to the armoury. Becoming a daemon doesn't change that.
Indeed, you can't take both. Don't you think that would be a bit silly?! :hmm: Do you really think that when GW wrote the book, they ever intended for a character to have both Master of Mortals and the Chalice of Chaos?!

Besides, what would be the point? you can still have plenty of mortal troops in a daemonic army, and lots of daemons in a mortal army. So why would you ever need to take both of those things?
Beacuse I dont like Daemon Princes and I prefer the mortal armoury.
You don't need demon princes. Just three small units of daemons, and then 4 units mortals
and 3 more mortal characters. add on some spawns and you have a full army that has more
mortals than daemons and your precious chalice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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