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It's a travesty, it's shameful!

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Why hello there folks, I am Sol Masecri and I am new to this plot of internet. Now, allow me to begin my rant for it does have to do with the "Fluff" of Warhammer: 40,000 in a particular way.

Many of us have the 4th Ed. Rule book (The rather thick, hard backed one.) and have all seen the most beautiful piece of artwork of them all. Yes, I mean magnificent piece of work in which Horus and The Emperor are sizing one another up. Now, because of the Copyright Rule on the Forums we are not permitted to post that wonderful image (That is unless someone has permission from Games Workshop to do so) THUS! I am telling you that you should not under any circumstances post it! However, I find this perplexing.

Let me explain where I am going with this... I have the 4th Ed. Rule book. I have seen that awesome image. Now, I wanted to find that image on Games Workshop to put it as my background. But! For whatever inhumaine reason they don't have it up... anywhere. I Googled, I Yahoo'ed I even went to Amazon in hopes of finding the image on the cover of Horus Heresy Vol.2. Now I did find it, but either too small to be a wallpaper or in bad quality.

That merely increased my resolve to find a better version of it! Although I failed in that. :( So my quest of sorts has brought me here. To you fine people! Not in hopes of finding the actual image, but in hopes of you people agreeing with me. I believe that Games Workshop, should allow that image should be allowed to be viewed upon the internet. For it is an oh so awesome piece of work to look upon! Anyone agree?

Once again! No one post that image or any other of that kind... I don't want this thread deleted if I can help it.
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I believe the guy who painted that image was commisioned to do it for the Horus Heresy artbooks, which are published by the black library, but I could be wrong.

This could explain your problem.. The image, I believe, is not owned by GW at all. It's printed in an artbook, and there'd be no point selling an artbook if all the images were available in decent format over the internet, would it. ;)
dude while i agree with you wholeheartedly (and i can't remeber which book it was but it was originally made to be in that book that has all the pics of pre-heresy and during heresy marines) you have the book so quit whining and do what i did and that was to simply scan theimage right off the book thenuse photoshop to clean it up abit and then presto instant wallpaper as long as i don't start giving it out it's okay.
They did it as a poster with a uk WD a while ago, I have it hanging on my wall. My god, having it twice as large is really sweet, unless you can find this poster the horus heresy books are your best bet.
It is true that Games Workshop has the copyright to all the art produced for them, and it is therefore illegal for ordinary human beings such as us mere mortals to reproduce their intellectual property without permission. However, it seems that Games Workshop’s copyright rules do not actually apply to the creators of the aforementioned intellectual property, which is why the particular image you’re looking for can be found on the artist’s own homepage. ;)

I realise that you asked members not to post a link to the picture in question for fear of breaking the forum’s, not to mention Games Workshop’s, copyright rules, but there’s no need for concern! Adrian Smith himself has been so kind as to provide you with a 1024 x 747 high-resolution scan of the image, found on his own homepage here, that in my personal experience makes a wonderful background image. :D

So there you go. Enjoy. ;)

Oh, and welcome to Librarium Online by the way! I hope you'll find the stay here to your liking. ^_^

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:w00t: You know now that I think about it. I probably should have just titled it "Who made it?" Although what I have said was true at the time, and what is done is done. So... bleh. Anyway you are God. *Humbly kneals*
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