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Juggling and need help

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Ok i got 3 armies, Chaos, Space Marine, and Tau.
As we all know warhammer costs a lil $$$ lol
so how do i keep up with all three?
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Sort them out into which you use the most, Tau (as they are getting their update) should be first (unless you don't like them much).

As for the SM and chaos, it should come down to which you like more, I myself have three armies, but none of which are tau so I can afford to wait for when I have the cash.

It should always come down to which army you like the most.
I say that you work on blancing out each of your armies. As you get farther into the game with more pieces you should start to learn which one you like to play, paint, put together, and use. That way, you keep equivilent armies while at the same time, learning the strengths and weaknesses of each.
depends how big your armies are at the moment. if they all reasonable 2000pt armies then just expand on the one you like the most if however one of the armies is very small bring that one up.
His chaos is his largest, but thats cuz hes got freaking terminators and a sorrcerer, and a biker squad, and one troop of guys. Otherwise, hes got about 100-200 points in everything else....
Well from what shadow ace says you dont have an army completed so your first thing should be to complete an army then build on other armies. I was in the same situation that you are in when i first started i like everything and then i bought a little of everything but i found out that i was never going to get anything done so i decided to play one army and finish it up b4 i start a new army and then it worked because i have many different armies that can be played. But stick to the army you like but finish it b4 u start a new one.( Now if only i have all my armies painted :shifty: )
go with the easiest to paint first so you can build up good techniques? or buy stuff on ebay to flesh them all out. (Ebay was cheap for me. Might work for you.)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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