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Well as the title says i just put down the cash a bunch of old dark elf models which i'm happy about as they were the army i always wanted as a kid!

The model's i'm getting are

4 x repeater bolt thrower
1 x dark elf sorceress on black pegassus
1 x lord on dragon
5 x cold ones
5 x dark riders
14 x repeater crossbowmen
1 x sorcerer on foot
1 x assassin
1 x Cauldron of Blood + crew
32 x dark elf warriors with swords (will use as spearmen)
20 x corsairs
7 x executioners
5x harpies
19 x witch elves
1 x dreadlord on foot
1 x hydra

What i am wondering if what you guys would look at buying to add to this lot, at the moment i think i should look at a unit of 5-6 shades and either buffing up those executioners or buying some black guard (and obviously some more characters, dreadlord on cold one another sorceress). WHat would you guys recommend? Also what would be a rough guide to which of these models are worth putting into a 1500-2k list for me to get going with these guys. I am also assuming the dragon and pegasus won't be worth using until i hit higher then 2k games? Any advice is appreciated!

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It actually looks pretty balanced. What you need is 5 more harpies, 5 CoKs, 5-10 shades and a sorceress more, proberbly on foot. With that you will be good for 2000 points, maybe even 3000.

Apart from that, I would recommend 20 Black Guard. Those guys are really one of the top infantry choices in the game. It all depends on your playing style though. I run a pretty shooting heavy, magic heavy list, which does not leave much room for a 350+ point infantry unit. But if you are going for the win in close combat, you really need those guys.

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Don't bother getting more executioners, 7 is the most I would run in 1 unit. If I ever bothered to run them. They aren't very good.

Shades are nice, unless you want to do some extreme things with them, the most you should need is 10.

Black guard are the strongest foot unit can can get for DE, so I would buy 20 models including the command. They are actually pretty expensive to run that way, but they are the closest thing DE have to an anvil unit.

I would try to bring the total RxB warriors to 20, so you can run at least 2 units of 10. Warriors come in boxes of 16, so if get a box, you could have 3 unit of 10, which is all you will ever really want.

Another 5 dark riders is also a good idea, since if 1 unit is good, 2 is even better.

Maybe some more harpies, but not until you figure out how much use you are going to get out of them. They are a kind of a throw away unit, but they are one of the best units at what they do. (contest quarters last turn, hunt war machines, march block, bait)

Other than maybe converting up a dark steed mounted sorceress, (you buy the combo blister of DE wizard on foot and mounted on cold one, and don't use the cold one and put her on a horse) I don't think there is anything you actually need or want until you try to go over 3k. (the noble on cold one isn't really that important)

Other than executioners and corsairs, everything you have is worth putting into games of those point levels (obv the dragon is for 2k, and probably should be saved for 2250).

You got a great deal, with not many wasted models, even the witches are worth running that big since you have a cauldron as well.

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Glad to see i got a good deal (i assumed it was i've played against dark elves before so roughly know what looks decent) I a little more then a battalion box costs.
I am thinking of running something like this until i pick up more models for them

dreadlord possibly on cold one
master bsb
2 x sorceresses (one mounted, one on foot)
20 warriors (will use a sacrificial dagger sorceress in here)
18 corsairs (6x3 for attacks maybe a killy magic banner, master bsb here)
12 crossbowmen
5 harpies
5 darkriders
12 witch elves
6 cold one knights (or maybe 5 with my dreadlord)
2 bolt throwers
1 hydra

Isn't optimized but i like to get afew games in and see what i'm lacking compared to what people are recommending.

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its proberbly not the strongest possible list, but it features a good selection of units and will allow you to get to know DE better. I think its a good idea.
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