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I've always like the idea of this particular model, and after seeing some art recently, and the need for a project that would require quite a lot of sculpting work to get up my skills, I decided this would be the one for me :)

Anyone who hasn't seen, I do have a drawing of my flash gits I want to make, naturally they are quite some way away yet, as I've run out of ork legs and I want to finish something before I continue on for now...

Just a basic drawing of him, I wanted to give him a pirate look, and it is VERY basic, I will be adding on a lot more details once I have the basic figure finished.

He has trophies, and lots of spare teef, as well as his banner telling stories in pictures about his triumphs over the many forces of the imperium, etc.

So yes, this is just his first form, so be aware of it :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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