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Khorne Berzerker unit size

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I have 40 Berzerkers painted, but I want your opinions on unit size. Right now I have set up as 3-8 man squads and 1-16 man squad. This is for 1500-2000pt. games. So my real question is a 16 man squad a bad idea? I'll be foot sloggin it. Should I divide it in two?
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in my own 2k point list I take 5 squads of 8 'zerkers.

The basic rationale behind this is that those 8 berzerkers, even if there's only 4 of them by the time they get there, can take most anything on the charge. I've seen 3 berzerkers rip through a full unit of grey knights on the charge. Therefore, having a unit of anything more then 8 is a total waste. So, what I aim to do with my more plentiful, smaller squads is to get into as many close combats in as many locations as humanly possible. This is especially nasty against Necrons who then can only use the monolith to teleport one squad per turn, but it's also mean against shooty armies (like the IG or Tau) because the more elements of their army that AREN'T shooting, the more you're winning. Furthermore, the only reason in most armies to include more bodies is to make it harder for them to route. Khorne Berzerkers are totally fearless, so that's not a problem.

The only time I would even consider 16 man groups of berzkers would be if you were fighting against something that you think could best you in close combat. That's just about nothing, actually, except perhaps other Khorne armies, and maybe Nurgley armies.

Also, on your berzerkers, ALWAYS give them the following frag grenades, (for dealing with pesky cameleoline guardsmen) furious charge, (it seems as if it was made for Khorne)chainaxes, (laugh as terminators fall into shreds before you) and either a Talismen of Burning Blood on your aspiring champion or mount them in a Rhino, (because you depend on quickly getting into combat, you don't have time to waste moving in 6" incriments) This starts to get expensive, quite quickly but believe me it's very, very worthless. Also as a personal preference, I give my aspiring champions melta bombs, but not power weapons or fists, it's great for psyching out my opponents.
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Thanks for the advice, I'll divide the 16 in 2 squads then. I put fists on each asp. champ and axe of Khorne w/ melta bombs on my Lt. I agree with f.g. and chainaxes but I wonder about furious charge. Will it make that big of difference with berzerkers? Do you put it on every squad or just 1 or 2 ?
I am a huge fan of Furious Charge, but it all depends on who you're going up against. Furious Charge and Chainaxes are anti-marine weapons, and should only be used as such. They're useful because they allow you to hit faster and harder than other marines, and reduce their save. But, they are not useful against armies such as the Imperial Guard, as you're already tougher and quicker, and their save cannot be further reduced, so in this case more berserkers is worth it.

The only time I would ever take more than 8 Berserkers is when you get into 2500-3000+ games where you don't have the troop slots to have the amount of berserkers you need in squads of 8.
I play against alot of marine armys so I'll try out furious charge but what about against Blood Angels? Do you put furious on all your squads?
if you think they're really going to give you a run in close combat, Furious charge is a good way to give yourself an edge. I personally give it to everything, as a rule, but there are some enemies it's wasted on
I'd just stick with 8 man squads till you fill up all your troops choices, then bring on the 16's :p
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