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A recent battle against my mates Blood Angels. This is my first report, so any inputs will be great.

I had:

Tooled up Daemon Prince. Stature, berzerker glaive etc.

5 chosen aspiring champions on juggernauts. With power weapons and a power fist.
Insanely expensive (500 points) but really, really fun.

2 x 8 Bloodletters

Fast attack
7 khorne bikers plus daemon vessel champ.

Heavy Support

He had (from memory)

Chaplin(?) with deathcompany. Jumppacks

Furioso Dreadnought in drop pod

4 tactical squads mounted in razorbacks
Large scout squad with power fist serge.

Fast Attack
3 attack bikes, 2 HB, 1 multi melta

2 shooty dreadnougths, lascannon and missile launcer
Lascannon predator


We played the mission where the objective is to get as many scoring units into the enemys deployment zone as possible.

He placed two tactical squads, a dreadnougth and scouts in a wooded area on his far right with the landspeeder close by. Other dreadnought, deathcompany and 2 razorbacks formed the center with predator and one tactical squad, last tactical squad and attack bikes forming his left flank.

I placed my dread, chosen and bikes on my left aiming for the large concentration of troops in the wooded area. Defiler and my lord going on my right.

He got first turn.

Turn 1.

Blood Angels. Landspeeder moved 24" towards me. Any frenzy rolls from my dread and chosen would thus see them running off in the wrong direction. Attack bikes move to intercept my defiler. Deathcompany just sits there and does nothing. Razorbacks and predator moves into better firing positions. Only target he can see is my defiler and lord. First shot knocks out the defiler, lord soaks up everything else.

Khorne. I roll for blood frenzy and promptly my dread and chosen rush off to engage the landspeeder. Lord charges forward, but does not reach charging distance. Bikers turbo boost 24" towards wooded area. Dread assaults landspeeder and manages to stun it.

Turn 2

Blood Angels. Attack bikes now have no viable target in range, and in a most unsportsmanlike move my opponent decides to actually play the mission and turbo boosts them towards my deployment zone. Deathcompany moves to intercept my lord. Dreadnought in wooded area kills my dread (notice how my armor dies to the first shot every time!). Rest of his army focus on my bikers and manage to take out 3.

Khorne. I summon a unit of letters and my bloodthirster. Chosen frenzy again and move towards the stunned landspeeder. lord autofrenzies towards tactical squad on my right. With dread and defiler gone I have next to no shooting. Gotta do it the khorne way then. Bikers and bloodletters assault the guys in the wooded area.

I kill a tactical squad and most scouts, and tie up the shooty dreadnought. Thirster assaults and kills the other shooty dread. Lord assaults the tactical squad in the center and kills 2-3 guys, but not the powerfist sarge. Chosen kill the landspeeder.

Turn 3

Blood Angels. Predator and tactical squad on his far left move towards my deployment zone. Notice how he once again goes for the win instead of doing the rational thing and move towards my bloodthirster. I have very little he can shoot at, my chosen take some flak. Loses one wound to a Heavy Bolter, but saves two lascannon wounds (when my opponent informs me that I actually have daemonic aura on them).
Deathcompany charges my lord and somehow kills him, but not before he finishes off the tactical squad with the powerfist. In the wooded area I kill of the last marines and the dread does nothing.

Khorne. 2nd squad of letters appear near my thirster. Chosen frenzy towards melee in the wooded area. Thirster and letters move towards deathcompany, but cannot get into charging distance. They manage to charge a razorback, and kills it. I turbo boost my bikers towards his attack bikes in the hopes of knocking them down to a non scoring unit. Chosen assault dread in the wooded area and inflict a weapon destroyed on it.

Turn 4

Blood Angels. Furioso shows up and lands in my deployment zone, near my bikers. We now both have two scoring units in the opponents deployment zone. His far left tactical squad frenzies and runs towards my bloodthirster. He moves everything into position to kill the squad of letters that hang around my thirster. At this point they are my only hope of getting a third scoring unit into his deployment zone. He kills off the letters by combined shooting and assault fromt he deadcompany. Deathcompany could have consolidated into my thirster, but chose not to.

Khorne. Thirster ignores deathcompany, since they are not scoring, and move towards predator and last tactical squad. Chosen kill the shooty dread in the wooded area. Thirster assaults predator and tactical squad. Destroying predator.

Turn 5.

Blood Angels. Furioso dread and attack bikes finish off my bikes, but the stay in my deployment zone, well out of harms way. Razorbacks fire everything they have at the letters in the woods. Deathcompany moves towards wooded area. It is clear now that the game will be decided in the wooded area. If he can kill enough guys in there to knock one of my squads down below 50% he will win. His tactical squad is decimated by my thirster.

Khorne. Chosen do not frenzy for once and move deeper into the woods. Letters cannot get out of range.

Turn 6.

Blood Angels. He moves the deathcompany close to the wooded area and fires everything, even bolt pistols at them, and manages to take them down below 50%, thus winning the game. Thirster kills last of the tactical squads.

Khorne. Not much for me to do. Thirster is out of range of anything. Chosen frenzy and moves out of the woods. I decide to go down in style and assault the deathcompany. The chosen really shine and kill of all but two of the deathcompany.

Result: Win for Blood Angels.

Highpoints of the game: When he moved his speeder down the short table edge and thus forced my flank to make a move in the wrong direction. His deathcompany killing my lord. Chosen killing of the deathcompany without taking any casualties.

We both had our ups and downs regarding dice rolls, but his luck in killing off my defiler and dreadnought with his first shots, thus making his own army completely safe from anything but my bloodthirster was devastating. Just for the fun of it I had made a horribly expensive chosen squad. Each had a staggering number of power weapon attacks and two wounds. They killed a landspeeder, a dreadnought and his deathcompany. They probably did not earn back the points, but they sure were fun to field. The biggest underperformer of the game was my chaos lord who did next to nothing.

This game I really felt the problems with khorne. When you play against a savvy opponent he can use his fast units to herd your units in the direction he wants. My chosen, dreadnought and lord all started the game going in a different direction from the one I would have wanted. Also, it was painfully obvious that I did not have enough units capable of reacting to his movements, and that I was sorely lacking in the anti tank department.

Next game we play I will probably be back to my usual troop heavy army :yes:


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heh heh lunatic verse lunatic gotta love it

i like that chosen squad i used to when i play khorne feild somthin similar to that but i took a crapload of chaos hounds ta keep em alive that itty bit longer
ur lord was baadd ya should give him flight it's much better when combined with the glaive also termy armour etc

and ya really do need more troops.

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At last a victory!

Nice going with the battle repport! Almost 100% accurate. At last a victory for my sake after half a year with lost battles with Tau and Dark Eldar. Nothing like the go old marines to do the job done...

Thinking it was the first time I actually played the mission objective and it worked???

Hope there will be time for many more battles in the near future, even if I'm becoming dad for the first time any time soon...


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Plague_00 said:
ur lord was baadd ya should give him flight it's much better when combined with the glaive also termy armour etc
Just letting you know, you cant combine the glave with flight. you cant have two different special movements, like speed and flight, and the automatic blood frenzy counts as special movement.

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nope sorry but it's perfectly legal to have glaive and flight (i hate speed so i would never take it ) it is stated in the dex and in various q and a's and faqs that you can go that way but will not get the extra d6 movement granted by the glaive although you still count as frenzied so ya would still have to move toward the closeest target

heh heh i know my khorne

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Retard said:
i am pretty sure that i keep reading all over the chaos forums you cannot give a lord a berserker glaive and flight.
That would be because the 3rd printing of the Chaos Codex specifically states under the entry for the Glaive that it cannot be combined with Speed or Flight.

So no, you cannot have any other special movement modes with the Berserker Glaive.

What you can do is still give Speed or Flight to a unit with the Mark of Khorne which can superceed the frenzy move. But the Glaive itself prohibits that option. Of course, earlier printings of the codex did not have the restriction for the Glaive, so unless you've gotten to read the most recent one, you'll not find it.

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damn i got told by gw that it was still legal and i'm certain i have an faq around here somewhere that ses it is too.....
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