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Two days ago i played a pretty big game of Warhammer Fantasy, a 5500 point battle of Bretonnia against Ogres. It was an oppertunity of a friend to use every single model in his Bretonnia army, and i came along to help slides some nice big lance-formations in Ogre units. We, because of this, also used the worst special character in all of Warhammer, Leoun. Added is a picture of the deployed armies, to give you an idea. Leoun killed a Giant, then got charged by 2 Mournfang Cav units and died, thus panicking all of our peasant units of the table and making all of our knights Stubborn and a unit of peasant archers backed up by a Damsel.

The battle was decided by a final charge, a unit of 18 Ironguts with Tyrant and Slaughtermaster was rearcharged by 7 Pegasus knights, 9 knights of the Realm and all our left over characters. They could flank charge, because of the single Damsel left being stubborn on ld7 stood her ground. This brings me to my case, isnt it actually viable to take Leoun, kill some stuff with him, and then let him die to make our already pretty kick-ass knights to Stubborn greatness? This would only work in really large games, 4000 or maybe 5000 plus, because else his cost is simply to big to justify, you need other stuff in your army as well.

I would like your thoughts on this way everything turned out and the viability of Leoun in these massive battles, maybe he isnt a bad pick after all, as he did win us that battle.

PS, Leoun is visible behind the Watch Tower in the middle, poised to kill the Giant right in front of him.


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