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kroot CC

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I was wondering about, well, Kroot cc. What is the AP of a Kroot in cc? Do they have no AP or is it just the regular AP for the Kroot rifle. Thanks.
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Any "close combat weapon" in 40k is AP-. This means than any armor save, from 1+ INV. to 6+ gets a save.

However, if you are wanting to take Kroot for a CC punch, you're going to be mad. With Kroot having a low initiative, they are better when you stick them in a forest and shoot out of it or COUNTER-assault with them.:yes: Unless it's like Orcs, or something with a low Initiative.
Thanks for clearing that one up.

Its not so much of me trying to use them as incredbile fighters as they are more of a distraction. Long story short, my friend is being tau and ive been workin on a way to beat him. He's never played before so im hoping that a force of about 20 kroot should be able pose enough of a threat to him that he concentrates on them. From their ill come in from the side w/ stealth suits and fire on anything big. Finally move on to troops. I'm tricky.:shifty:
Who is the Tau player? Both of you?
Using my awesome powers of detuction I would say that they both are Tau players.
Well if both of you are playing Tau and he has no Kroot, you might want to see if you can assault him. 20 Kroot infiltrated into some woods near him will do some major damage.
Normally kroot is used to infiltrate and rapid fire their weapons, which does some good dam normally since you at minimum fires 20 shots and hit with 10. But since kroot broods "must" be maxed it makes 40 shots and 20 hits = many dead opponents.

The only way kroots perform well in cc is against really slow units and/ or as kroot mercenaries with the fast reflex adaption (my favourite)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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