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Hi all,
I decided to magnetise my Land Raider Terminus so that I can use it as a normal Land Raider when required, and I thought I should post the procedure up for prosperity.

Obviously the turret mounted Twin linked lascannons or heavy bolters are easy enough, you can just assemble both and swap as required, as they just sit in the mountings.

The magnetising will be used to swap between the plain side hatches of the ordinary Land Raider and the single lascannon sponsons (from the Predator kit) the Terminus uses.

Basically my theory went that I would use some small NdFeB magnets attached to the hull of the land raider in the depression that the sponson (or hatch) would cover, and then put the corresponding magnets on the reverse of the sponsons and on the hatch.

I know I would also have to build up the magnet on the hatch (and possibly the sponson) in order to make them reach correctly.

With this in mind, I built the LR hull (painting the interior before assembly of course), making sure to put in the interior hatch and the comms display/utility plates that go between the inner and outer hull pieces. This left me with the hull assembled, with the two front sections ready for either hatch or sponson:

(excuse the quality of the pictures, they were just phone camera snaps taken during assembly, just to show what I did).

Once these were assembled, I started by affixing the magnets to the back of the Predator sponson plates (I had already glued on the gun support that sticks out, as I figured this would be easier to do before it was magnetised.

I initally tried superglue and activator, but was foiled by both the fact my superglue needs replacing with one that isn't past its best (and therefore is less superglue and more "smelly water"), and the fact that NdFeB magnets are little b*stards which take great glee in leaping onto anything metal they go even remotely near.

I changed my plans and decided to sink them in greenstuff, hopefully to give a more secure base.

This seemed to work quite well. I decided to use a magnet at each corner to give stability and a good even attachment.

I then to put greenstuff into the "cavities" - remembering to make sure that the magnets were the right way round so they they would attract the ones on the sponsons:

I know the GS'ing is fairly messy, but this doesn't really bother me as they won't be exposed and I just wanted to go the job relatively quickly, and make sure the magents would stay put.

I didn't test the fit, as I didn't want to risk pulling the magnets up by bringing the poles together - I left it to dry overnight instead. I will see how well it works tonight!

This is as far as I've gotten so far, next job is to magnetise the hatches, which will require some work to build up the backof the plate so the magnets will touch (or close enough). I have a feeling this is going to be real fiddly bit!

If you want to attempt something similar, here are my "top tips" so far:

  • Glue everything you can, as soon as you can - once you start magnetising and greenstuffing, it's a lot harder to hold stuff in place while the glue dries without disturbing something else. That said, make sure you don't glue stuff in that you need to keep free - those TLLC sponsons aren't glued yet, just placed in for reference.
  • Make sure your magents are correctly aligned before, during and after GS'ing them in.
  • When checking alignment, try not to let the magnet you are holding touch one you have already stuck in, otherwise it will put it straight out when you try to seperate them.
  • Don't use a metal sculpting tool on your green stuff when there is a magnet embedded in it.
I know a couple of these should fall into the "duh" category, but I made the mistakes, and you might too!

More posts and more pictures when I make more progress, I promise!

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No replies? Tough crowd!

Just a quick update for now - I tested the magnetic fit and it works like a charm. Now I need to find a good way to mount the magnets on the backs of the hatches!

More once I have done some more work...

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Looks good, and its a definitely good idea since you wont be using a Land Raider Terminus Ultra too much, unless you play lots of Apocolypse.

As a side note i suppose, you dont need 4 of those magnets per sponcon, so if you wanted to save some magnets for other things, probably one at the top and one at the bottom would suffice, maybe even just 1 magnet in the middle, after all the sponcons are plastic right?

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That was the idea - though I have to admit I may buy a few more Land Raiders before I consider my army complete (like that'll ever happen), it's always nice to have options.

You're probably right, the magnetic fix is a bit overkill for the plastic, but I like it to be secure, and as well as that, I bought the magnets in a batch when I first started magnetising (for the mounts on my Vulture Gunship) so I still have a hundred odd of them lying about, and I don't mind using a few more of them than necessary as they are suprisingly cheap!

Working on this has fired a few neurons regarding magnetisation and I've been trying to think recently if there's a way to magnetising the turret on the Predator to stop it falling off the time (a bugbear of mine). I think a ring of magnetically active metal on the bottom of the turred rim combined with a few magnets mounted under the hole on the hull top plate might do the job nicely, if I can find the appropriate bit of metal I will probably give it a go.

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Hatches magnetised!

Finally got around to doing the hatches last night, despite not really knowing how I was going to do it, thankfully I just started hacking and gluing and it kind of came together.

I decided to use sprue offcuts glued to the hatch interiors to mount the magnets on - or in, as it ended up.

I used thick bit of sprue, which left me just enough room to drill a recess into the end for the magnet to sit in (take extreme care when drilling small fiddly things kids!).

Excuse the poor focus but it's just too small a thing and the fact the sprue caught a waft of Chaos black didn't help the auto-focus, but you get the idea:

I checked the length I would need by holding the length of sprue in the cavity over the magnet on the LR hull then marked the sprue where it needed to be cut (so that it wouldn't make the hatch proud of the hull). I then clipped it, and put a blob of green stuff into the recess, then pressed the magnet into it and flattened out any excess that was squeezed out (make sure the magnet is aligned correctly - if they are not all aligned the same way keep track of which mounting goes in which corner).

Here are the smaller mountings for the hatch which will cover the cavity with the equipment in:

They are spaced apart for obvious reasons - magents can be useful, but they can be a real pain in the arse as well!

To make sure all the magnets would be correctly aligned (I should have made sure they were all the same in the first place to be honest), I put them on paper marked 'Top Right' 'Top Left' etc. until I was ready to glue them.

I then did the same for the other side (with the interior door showing), the only difference being that the sprue sections were slightly longer.

I then glued the mountings with their magnets onto the reverse of the hatches, making sure I left room as the cavity is not as wide as the whole hatch, and making sure I glued the right magnet to the right place:

I then left them to set overnight, as I want to make sure all the GS and poly cement is properly set before I start letting the magnets near each other.

One more shot, a comparison of the difference in length of the two mountings:

(Woo Courage And Honour!)

When I get home tonight I'll be checking how well they attach (and stay attached) - fingers crossed!

As an aside, I thought of an easy (and obvious to be honest) way of keeping track of which way the magnets need to be aligned - I would place the magnet (before sticking it) onto the corresponding magnet on the LR hull, then draw on the side facing up with a black marker before pulling it out (make sure you have an appropriate tool if you have stubby fingers like me) - then I knew I just had to make sure that the non-marked side had to be the one I could see once I stuck it in!

All in all this seemed easier than I thought - as long as it works alright when Itest the fit tonight I will be chuffed :)

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Job done!

I checked the fit, and though they mostly fit (I had to slightly trim one of the mountings) they went in easily enough. The problem was getting them out! The hatches slammed flush into the hull and was nigh-on impossible to remove!

To remedy this I removed two of the mountings from each hatch, leaving two magnets on each at opposite corners.

Once I'd done than I did some test fits and all seemed to be well, so I did a final basecoating.

Here are some comparative pics:

No Hatches:

Land Raider configuration (with a HB turret from a Razorback as the weapon mounting I got with the LR is broken... come on bitzbox get some in):

Land Raider Terminus Ultra configuration:

Again, sorry for the crappy pics - I really need to use a better camera or setup when I'm taking these... but you get the idea!

Now the Termagnetus (transformer name) is over to the painting stage, so once I've got some colour on it I'll take some more pics - you might be able to see it a bit better!

Oh and one other note... the rear top hatch is not glued in place, so I can swap it out for Chronus... :sinister:

All in all it seemed to work quite well! I can even stow the bits that aren't currently in use inside the Land Raider!
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