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Land Speeder Assembly Instructions

I tryed the advanced search but had no luck. I am looking for a step by step assembly guide for the basic Space Marine Land Speeder. I dont think it will be to hard to put together, but I always like to have some instructions on hand just in case. I will also be puting together a Rhino and a Chimera soon, so a link for those tanks will help also. Are there any websites with resources for those who have lost the instructions? I know that sometimes there are White Dwarf articles with cool illistrated instructions for vehicles. Usualy those are indepth fully detailed interiors and working doors, but thats cool if anyone can tell me what issues those are.

Thank you in advance,

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I can't give you the full instructions - wouldn't know where to find them other than maybe in the box they come with (although obviously this is no help to you).

I can, however, recommend that you get a couple of rubber bands first regardless, as sometimes the main body of the landspeeder is hard to matchup properly, you can end up with gaps where the plastic doesn't quite fit, at least not easily.

So yeah, when you glue the main body together, it's a good idea to use the rubber bands to hold it together as tightly as possible in the position you want until the glue/plastic cement has completely set.

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I don't have any ideas on the instructions, but I can give you a quick summary from my own WIP Speeder. NOTE: this is my approach to building these things, and I do them in an odd, modular style. It should still give you enough to work with, though.

First up: lower hull.
**The sensor mast attaches under the engine bay (cables forward), and a chin mounted gun (for the Tornado version) mounts up front. You've gotta open up mounting holes for the gun yourself.
**Engine exhaust attaches to the rear edge of the lower hull. Bottom side is just the exhausts, top side has a bulkhead and oval vent. The top edge butts up against a stop molded in the upper hull, so use that as a (non-glued!) guide when you glue it to the lower hull.
**The bumper attaches around the lower front hull, there's notches and pegs - simple stuff. The round indentations on either side face up!
**The little foot platforms go in those round indentations on the bumper. Put the upper hull in place, butt the pegs right up to the hull sides, and glue them to the bumper only.The lower hull is now fully built and totally separate from the upper hull.

Upper hull:
**The fin attaches to the top of the engine bay, remember the little square control flaps go on the back side.
**Since the internal details are pathetic, I just glue the side doors shut - cut off the little hinge pegs at the bottom so it'll fit into the lower hull without problems.
**Gun rail attaches to passenger side forward deck. Holes in pegs, you know the drill.
**Armoured visor thing attaches in front of driver, upright or folded forward. Mounting point is molded right in, easy.
**Dashboard glues to the underside of the forward deck - instrument panel on Driver's side. There's a stop molded in the hull to glue it against.

**The rear wall attaches to the floor plate - seat backs and center console line up, nice and easy. Fit it into the upper hull to make sure the vent area up top lines up with the hole in the roof.
** The gunner's easy. Body, head, arms with big gun. Make sure the bracket on the gun rides on the gun rail.
**Driver's easy, too - there's a square slot in the dash for the right hand control stick to fit into, and the left hand stick goes in the empty area on the left side of the dash.

Once you figure out how you're painting the thing (cockpit and crew are conveniently separate and easily painted), put it all together and use elastics/clamps/bench vise/bungee cords/bricks/whatever else you need to force those ill-fitting hull parts to fit together!

EDIT: Oh, yeah... And the antenna goes on the front hull ahead of the driver. Personally, I just leave it off and shave the mounting point down to match the passenger side - that antenna is just plain ugly.
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