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Landspeeder help

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I know marines can take a mix of landspeeders in one squadron but what do you think is better?

3 LS tornados? one using the multimelta configuration...

or 3 typhoons.....

make up any mix of 3 landspeeders you want. I'll take any criticism on how to make an effective landspeeder squadron to accompany my assault marines into combat.
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well the LST with assault cannon and heavy bolter is the way to go. i think that 3 ass. cannons is more than enugh to take cara of even the most toughest armour.

and they kickass at hunting down infantry..
Astroth is right, the LST with assault cannons in the way to go.

Also you would probably be better off splitting the squadron up into multiple squads if you have the extra fast attack slots. This gives you multiple scoring units for capturing table quarters and objects, as well allowing you to use their weapons more effectively. For example, if you had one speeder destroy the intended target then the other can move on to a different target, were if they were all in one squad it is fairly possible to get an overkill (wipe out the intended target with multiple hits wasted) in that case and waste some of you fire power.

It would also force your opponent to direct a units fire power on one speeder and possibly score multiple glancing hits (you should be moving over 6� every turn). If there were multiple speeders in the squad the hits would be distributed and therefore limit there effectiveness, were if it was just he one the other would be able to act a full effectiveness (this is of course it they don’t get shot).

Just my view on speeders
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Yes, I too prefer the Assault cannon/Heavy bolter
Against armour 14 3 land speeders avg. almost 1 penetrating hit.
That is not bad. At all.
And of course there is 12 + 9 good shots against infantry. No army should be without one in my opinion,
LST assault cannon and heavy bolter. can deal with armour quite well, and SOOOOOO good at killing infantry. :ninja:

I am also a fan of using land speeders, so I did a search on and speeder tactica and found a pretty interesting forum that does a pretty good job going over everything. I am sorry to say that I am new, so the only link I am able to come up with is the one that I cut and pasted from the address bar, and I have included it below. Hope this help.
LST's (AC/HB) are the way to go, but it sometimes pays (when in large battle or against mechanised companies) to take one with mulkti-melta. Deepstrike and take out something 3 or 4 times it's own point value. it doesn't matter if the LST is vapourised in the following turn because it's worth it.

I saw this tactic used to take out a land raider on turn 2, leaving the termies to footslog for 3 turns to get to the enemy.
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