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Ok so I haven't posted on LO for ages, and this isn't about GW...oh well.

I bought as a gift for a friend, and then played a few games of 'Last Night on Earth', a board game by Flying Frog productions based around Zombies, and Zombie films in particular.

Well I have to say this game is a whole heap of fun- like Space Hulk it does a great job at conjuring up cinematic moments, and its scenario system has you carrying out game missions such as 'get to the truck' or 'Defend the Mansion', that ensures a great deal of variety in the game.

The game can be played with 2 to 6 people and features nice artwork on the board and cards, as well as some nicely sculpted miniatures of the heroes and zombies (8 different heroes and 14 zombies I believe) Each hero (of which 4 will be involved in any one game) has their own set of different abilities and conform to horror film stereotypes, the cop, the drifter, the priest, the high school jock, the sexy nurse etc.

The game seems to have a lot of longevity- 3 of us ended up playing 3 different games on our first night (about an hour or so for each game) and we are all keen to play again. There are also numerous expansions out for the game that introduces new scenarios and characters, but it would be a perfect game to introduce your own house rules as well. All in all outstanding fun and thoroughly recommended.
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