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This was the scene... I had just gleefully pounded four opponents into the ground in the opening of Eye of Terror, and for some strange reason noone was answering my challenges from the table. ;) Then a tall figure comes in the door, clad in hawaiian shirt (orange) and board shorts (floral). Lets just call him the Fashion Victim. B)

Well, FV came in just as I was calling out my latest challenge ("Anyone for another Eye of Terror battle?"), and he made a beeline for the table where I stood.

"I'll play you, although lets not make it Eye of Terror - just for the fun of it!"

Smiling to myself, I agreed, and we rolled and determined it was a Take and Hold mission for a piece of razorwire in the middle of the battlefield. In the words of a passing red-shirt: "Why do I want that fence? Why? Well... it'd look really good in my garden..."

Since the store I was in had decided that it was using the 750 point battle rules, the army I'd come up with was much as follows:

Shas'o Vior'la Forann Kais Mesme,
2 Bodyguards
6 Stealth suits
12 Fire Warriors
and a lone Broadside, with "Or'es" on the underside of his base.

Against me was...

About forty mutants with Firearms, two bosses (one a unit), one with a tomb-stone which I was informed was his icon (looked rather good, actually), and one with his commander in it - an Orange commander, interestingly enough. Also on the table initially was "The Dark Lord and his dog, Spot". I never was quite sure what he was.

The other things he had were six Furies and a pair of Obliterators, which just for the hell of it he decided to deep strike.

"You'll have to tell me how deep strike works - I've never done it before."

Things were looking... nice, although I *was* just a teensy bit intimidated by the massed mutants across the battlefield ;)

I managed to get turn one, leapt all my suits forwards and fired out a volley of plasma, pulse, burst carbine and railgun into the foe at long range... despite some fairly embarassing to-hit rolls managing to kill off about a dozen of the foe - although to make matters worse, five of the pulse shots and the rail-gun managed to hit a certain razorwire fence instead (6+ save, apparently).

Everything rallied, and the foe began striding forward towards me, one unit of mutants managing to roll to hit one of my shield drones that had strayed a little too far forward with three of their number... and to my amused disbelief proceeding to miss with two and have the third actually blow himself up. :D

Swinging right back around to my turn, my suits jumped forward into rapid-fire range, managing to take out almost twenty more mutants in a hail of death - as well as the Lord Of Darkness and His Dog Spot, sneaking down one flank behind a pumping station. Bouncing back in my assault phase, I made an estimate... and carefully left my HQ unit *just* in range if his mutants kept advancing to the objective. Maybe I could lure a few more of them into blowing themselves up...

Chaos second turn, and to my complete horror, he managed to roll twin sixes, bringing both his obliterators and furies on. He placed the deep strike template *just* in front of my crisis suits...

"Ah well - at least they can't move or assault this turn, and they count as moving with regard to shooting."
"Obliterators can move and shoot..."

HELP! :ph34r:

Then he rolled for scatter... and to make matters worse, they scattered back towards *my* table edge, dropping in behind the crisis suits and in front of my fire warriors. Then the furies... which were summoned at the entrance to a half-pipe, and promptly charged my Crisis suits. The mutant line split now, one unit (with a trio of survivors) running on forward, while the other unit - still with ten models in the squad - carefully withdrew out of firing range, retreating to secure the objective. The obliterators fired lascannon at my broadside, who managed to save all the wounds on his shield generator, while the furies hacked their way through both Shield Drones and dealt a wound to one bodyguard, taking one loss and piling in around the survivors - who refused to run.

The remaining Tau were more than a little jittery now - bouncing forwards, the stealth suits promptly obliterated the three-mutant unit, and sprayed burst carbines at the obliterators - who refused to go down. The Broadside, however, grinned viciously as he leaned out the window, taking a bead on an obliterator... hitting... wounding... and being saved against his railgun. The addition of four smart missiles, and a total of twenty-four shots from pulse-rifles (rapid-fire for most of them) managed to inflict one more wound on one. In the assault phase, the furies proceeded to tear apart the wounded bodyguard, and the others broke and fled - straight into the Obliterators, dying. The Furies then swept on into my stealth suits...

"Wait a moment... we're playing new assault rules.."
"I thought we were playing old... lets roll for it."

We did... and for the purposes of the battle, Fashion Victim managed to sweep into both my three-man stealth teams.

The following turn, the stealth suits took advantage of being swept into, and hosed the daemons with burst carbine fire - and sure enough, promptly managed to pick off *one* fury. The Furies hit them in turn, and had another two of their number torn apart before their cover effect wore out and they lost all three suits of one of their teams to those last, irritating two daemons. :blink: The obliterators had another go, and successfully killed off the broadside with lascannon fire - then upped and charged into the closest fire warrior team, killing four of them while refusing to fail a save. The last two ran... four inches. He chased and cut them down, leaving him in a *beautiful* position for a rapid-fire from my last team of Warriors.

My next turn... and they did rapid-fire, spraying the obliterators with a total of ten wounds... which were saved, each and every one. :blink: Something's not right here...

In the assault phase, the furies and stealth suits clashed and one fury and a pair of suits died, the surviving tau fleeing but being caught and cut down by a vengeful fury.

Cycling right back around, the ten-model unit settled in behind the objective-fence, the lone fury slamming into the last unit of fire warriors - but not before the obliterators started pacing towards them, firing reaper auto-cannon at them - and managing to kill off *one*, thanks to the cover save. The fury charged, and was promptly hit over the head and killed by a Fire Warrior rising from behind a barrel.

He deserves some kind of acknowledgement painted onto him... maybe a little red wing on part of his armour... B)

It was around this point that I thought I didn't have a chance... but then something occured to me.

"Um... that unit by the objective..."
"What about it?"
"Was that nineteen or twenty mutants and the leader?"
"Twenty - a unit of twenty one in total. Why?"
"In that case... aren't the under half strength?"

After a long moment of counting, double- and triple-checking, Fashion Victim reluctantly concluded I was right.

"Then... if I can pick off two wounds from your obliterators, you can't win, right?"
"Um... yes."

With rising hearts, the last team of Golden fire-warriors rapid-fired into the hulking Obliterators heading towards them, firing ten shots, hitting with eight, wounding with six... and having them. All. Saved. Again. :blink:

The mind boggles...

Grinning evilly, the Obliterator leader ran forward at the fire warriors, showering them with reaper-cannon shells, and killing off three of them, while the other two stayed where they were stubbornly.

Right... well... I guess it's *possible* to claim a draw now.. vaguely. :(

Naturally enough, the Obliterators proceeded to pile in, the two remaining fire warriors doing absolutely *nothing* in close combat. :eek:

I hate terminator armour.

Oddly enough, the Obliterators also did nothing, and when we rolled moral high ground... I won! The Obliterators ran back towards the objective, the Fire Warriors shouting jeers after them... but not running fast enough to catch up. Nine inches behind, across difficult terrain.

In their turn, the two Fire Warriors ran after the Obliterators, rolling a one and a six and making certain to get close enough that they couldn't rally. Two pulse-rifle shots later and they finally managed to inflict another wound, dropping one of the bio-weapons in his tracks.

Just *one* more... just give me *one* more wound... :rolleyes:

They leapt at him, shouting out Tau battle cries!

'For the Greater Good! Advancement without aggression!'

Okay... maybe not ;)

Maddeningly, they rolled double twos for difficult terrain this time, and just hung around back where they were.

In his turn, the last Obliterator continued to sprint back towards his objective... pausing just long enough in his flight to turn and spray the two fire warriors with his reaper auto-cannon. And killing them.

O'Forann's Cadre, wiped out to a man!

"Stranger, go tell the Aun that here we lie, obedient to their command."

-Found writ upon a marker-stone in the Damocles Gulf

So if you're playing at your club or store, and a tall figure in orange hawaiian shirt and floral board shorts comes in... FEAR! :ph34r:

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well, i assumed he was playing lost and the damned? so LATD lost and the damned, not to say thats the only army in it :D, i just havent seen anyone play lost and the damned yet.

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Hrm, ya, i think thats LATD,i dont know we have mutants in codex chaos..... Maybe, Ive only had the codex for about a week and I played eldar before chaos. Hrm, the sad fact is I played Ulthwe and now that I dont have them anymore, they came out w/ a good variant.... go figure <_<

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yeah, quite an impressive batrep, sir janus. The minions of chaos shot down your little blue-skinned 2x4-sized gun carrying cronies, eh? that just shows to NOT STAND BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE RUINOUS POWERS! (and termi armor)

:lol: j/k man, that sounded like one hell of a battle. nice report though.
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