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Hello Everyone... This is my first post to this forum. I have been lurking here now for several weeks and enjoying myself greatly, learning alot about everything there is to know, I Anyways, I was wondering if I could gather some insite from the members of this forum.
I am painting the Armageddon Steel Legion troopers at the moment, and I am having trouble with the boots. Perhaps I am trying to apply all the various techniques I have learned all at once, or I should get rid of the nagging wife...
I paint on the base layer (scab red+a wee bit of black) for a nice rich brown, then I highlighted by adding white. Now, I watered down the paint each time, applied it nice layers, trying to blend it, tagging the highlights etc. with each pass. I ended up with a total mess and purple looking boots! Where did I go wrong??
Should I 1. Apply base coat
2. Apply inks to deep parts to make shadow
3. Apply lighter color to highlights

Does this make sense? Is it the right order?

Thank you for your input and time.


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