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I am starting up a 40k league at Sportszone in Cary, NC. It will start off as a 500 point combat patrol styled league. For those not familiar with these rules, they're pretty straight forward:

48"x48" play table, 12" from table edge deployment zone.

-May have 1 HQ choice, no more than 1 may be chosen.
-No single model may have more than 2 wounds.
-No Special Characters may be taken.
-No models with 2+ armor saves may be taken.
-At least 1 troop choice must be taken.
-Remaining points after initial troop choice may be spent as desired so long as listed rules are followed.
-Vehicle armor value totals may not exceed 33.
--Example: Marine Rhino, 11f+11s+10b=32, therefore legal. Eldar Falcon, 12f+12s+10b=34, not legal.

I am starting the league with such small games to promote numerous games that can be run fairly quickly. I also want to give new players the opportunity to play in 'official' games without feeling overwhelmed by long, large model count battles. I chose the Combat Patrol rules to promote fairness and army flexibility. Yes, two Lash Princes and two units of Plasma-equipped Chaos Marines would likely do very well at 500 points, but that's not the point of a small game.

The top players of the league will move on to a higher point value tournament setting using normal rules.

There is a modest entry fee, $5 per player. Sign-ups are open between now and Sunday, September 7th. The league will begin Monday, Sept. 8th.

We currently have 6-7 players of varying skill levels, most of them new, and are looking for anyone who wants to show up, have a good time, and play some 40k.

If you have any questions, would like more information, directions, or just to say you'll show up, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have a full set of the official rules and will gladly pass them on to whoever asks. Either PM me, send me a message on AIM, or drop me an email and I will respond as soon as I see the message.

AIM: crxkirby
E-Mail: [email protected]
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