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So, here I am, getting my ass whooped in another Apocalypse-ish battle this Saturday. Although I must say this one was the closest one yet!

Game was set on a 8x4 table, going diagonally, with 18” no man’s land in between 2500pts of Necrons supported by 1250 Chaos, against equally sized coalition of IG and Eldar (with Eldar Titan and a Baneblade). Given the fact that our Warriors had to walk across much of the board, we didn’t ever really pose a great threat to the other side (downside of playing where I play is that the group is not using any of the Apocalypse strategic assets, so there is no way to equalize those Titans with flanking march or other “tricksy” goodness. Also, my group has at least one or two Super Heavies for every race out there, so I ALWAYS go against some Titans and Forgeworld tanks, unless I play SOBs and bring my own Blade).

Even the overpriced (250pts plus the cost of models that are not getting any added protection?!?) Monolith formation is not going to help or last more than a turn or two against those auto-penning Destroyer Weapons so I need an alternative… And now the only way to fight back seems to be the Pylon.

Here comes my dilemma – I am not going to drop close to $200 for a piece of resin that essentially is an "earth globe", without the actual globe part:

I was thinking of buying a toy globe from a cheap local store and converting it to a Pylon, but then I started thinking that the Pylon from Forgeworld doesn’t really strike me as very Necron-ish. I think that some type of a 2001 Space-Odyssey-like block of metal/rock would look splendid in this role (think Dawn of War here):

The top section (or middle one) could be made from one of those Container Boxes that seem to be perfect (great find by The Bell of Lost Souls).

How do you envision a Necron Pylon?
What would be a suitable scratch-build design?
How big should it be?

PS. I know this is a modelling question, but I put it here because it is specific to Necrons only. Please move if that should really be in the general area!

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the pylon is very necron like., if you look at the Battlefleet gothic models of the necrons you will see that they are all shaped like the pylon.

i do think, the the part holding the globe is a very good start, there is a thread on this forum that shows someone building one from it.( )
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