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umm this might be a stupid sugestion but why not just cut a hole in the bottom and use a torch i mean really your not going to have it glow in a battle as it would be distracting to both players so why go to all the trouble to wire it, if shining a torch through it dosn't produce a green enough light put some selephane on it and it wouldn't have to be a big torch a good quality small torch would do just as well, if you are using it in a battle (alot of players will ask you to turn it off and you must do it if they ask) then still use a torch but butild a plastic or paper holster for it and make sure the hole can be filled up so it can stand up , both are cheaper and easier than wiring and probably safer too and will still give you a good effect for 1/8th the cost
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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