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Link/banner exchange

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Hey guys,

I was looking around for a 'contact us' option around here to ask the admins if they would be intrested in a link/banner exchange with our website, but somehow the contact us isn't working. So, two things:

1) I'm getting a trojan warning from mcafee when I try to contact someone.

2) Since I can't e-mail you guys.. Are you guys intrested in a link/banner exchange with us? It will help both of us with some trafic and is a good way to get some higher in the many search engines since links from similar sites to yours give you good rating.

Cheers and thanks for considering!
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We are doing link exchange from our toplist

All you need to do is sign up and place the code unaltered on your website. The picture that shows up count your visitors and you get ranked by the amount of unique visits.

This way you get good ranking if you show our image to as much uniqe visitors as possible, sites with low traffic gets a lower ranking

Currently there are quite few sites on the toplist so your ranking would be more less good anyway :)

We also accept articles and tutorials, the authors are allowed to place a link to their website from there
I would like to use a button instead of a large banner to this site, is that ok?
You can use whatever banner or button you like. :yes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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