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LiS:Lost in Space

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LiS (oh god...mead will no doubt read this)is THE best webcomic i have read about it...even the people i showed it to or told about it agree.

LiS,as far as the plot (well one of them,there are 2 diffrent strips,a 40k one and the fantasy warhammer one,um...grail quest)concerns a certain member of the imperial guard (whom im always asking for a colour pic of mead of him and wolf,his space marine buddy)and the escapades he gets into.

the humour is top notch,my personal favorite being 'presented by imperial beer' which demonstrates the effects of drinking goes on,and on until the guardsman is totaly drunk,his speech altered to give the impression,when the twist lands ("dude,seriously,you only had that ONE BEER!").Still my personal favorite.

Later on,we are introduced to a somewhat nameless (i read all the strips and found no evidence of a name)inquisitor for a few quickies,('TH-17' and 'the backup singer')before making his 1st proper entrence in 'breifing room' when he ignores the guardsman mission and blows up a chap with a plasma pistol,(Note:bolt shells dont have to be explosive!) excusing himself with "only the unfaithful question"
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