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This weekend I went to a Rogue Trader Tournament in Chattanooga, TN at Dicehead games. It wasn't a huge turn out but I had a great time. There was a good variety of armies present, so I didn't have to face the same race more then once.

Here is my list it is a Sacred Spawning of Queztl army

(JSoD) Old Blood (nikes (Jaguar Idol, great weapon, aura of Quetzl) spawning of Tlzacotl
Scar Vet General (enchanted shield and sword of striking) Spawning of Tlazcotl
Scar Vet BSB
15 Saurus (full Command)
13 Skink (scout)
13 Skink
11 Skink
15 Saurus (blessed spawning of Tlazcotl) Standard+champ
4 kroxigors
3 terradons (brave)
3 Salamander Packs

So you'll notice, NO SPELLCASTERS. The lack of my usual scroll caddy made me a bit nervous. No one wants to see their army blown apart in the magic phase. But I wanted/needed all the other elements of my list so...full speed ahead and damn the magic missiles...

My first opponent was dwarves being played by a nice kid who said he was relatively new to warhammer and that this was his first tournament. So reigning in my killer instinct I opted for a more educational approach to the game (while keeping an eye out for sneaky tactics.)

Heres his list from memory

Dwarf Lord gromril armor, rune of +1 attack and no armor saves (with Iron breakers)
3 Master engineers
3x10 thunderers
15 longbeards
15 clansdwarves
15 ironbreakers
16 slayers
2 bolt throwers
2 cannons
flame cannon

The mission was treasure hunt (capture opponents most expensive magic time for more VPs)

I won the roll and made him deploy first. Between that and my skinks I was able to dictacte how and where the battle would be fought. He deployed all his infantry blocks (save for the slayers) on a large hill that was shielded by a forest he evenly spaced out his thunderers across the entire board, same with the war machines. His slayers he deployed on my far right. I deployed my saurus blocks, terradons, and salamanders in the center of the table screened by a unit of skinks with my JSOD joining the screening skinks. My stegadon and kroxigors where on my left flank screened by a unit of skinks as well (also screened from all the war machines by a woods save for 1 bolt thrower. I finally deployed my skink scouts in the woods in front of the hill containing all his big blocks.

I win the dice off and elect to go first.

I fully advance on all fronts confident in my skink screen. My only shooting is the scouting skinks which kill a few longbeards. During his turn he moved some of the units off the hill to allow the clansdwarves (who where poorly deployed) to move out). The rest of the army opened fire. resulting in a mounds of dead skink, a dead terradon, and a dead kroxigor, I pass all my panic checks.

On my turn I charge his flame cannon with my JSOD and his far right cannon with my 2 remaining terradons. The rest of my army advances, including my salamanders who march to the edge of the wood blocking the hill. Combats go as expected, JSOD presues off table and terradons restrain from overruning. His turn 2 starts by him declaring a charge on the salamanders and skinks in the woods with his ironbreakers and longbeards, both my units flee, he also declares a charge with his slayers on my skink but fails (my stand and shoot kills none) in his shooting phase my right skink screen is whiped out and my core saurus unit with BSB loses a rank and a half to bolt thrower, cannon and handgun fire. In CC my skinks manage to overwhelm the bolt thrower crew on the left.

Turn 3 starts with generals unit charging into the iron breakers, my stegadon charging the longbeards in the flank, kroxigors chaging some thunderers, and my terradons charging the last cannon. My skinks and salamanders rally. My battered unit of saurus rallies. Only shooting is on my left with skinks killing a few slayers. In CC my stegadon breaks the longbeards and overruns into the ironbreakers flank and gets to fight again as they are engaged in the front by my generals unit. The Ironbreakers break and manage to outpace the saurus (steg couldnt pursue) who slam into the clandwarves behind. My kroxigors beat the thunderers who hold, but my terradons are soundly beaten and the loan survivor hits and runs.

The rest of the game consists of my JSoD and stegadon rolling up his flank and by the end of my turn 6 no dwarf remains. I lost my terradons, 1 unit of skink, and half of the core saurus unit. I also managed to get all my battle points

18 point win for the lizardmen

Game 2

Opponent is High Elves (Star dragon and 2 special characters oh my!)

His list from memory

Prince Bolt thrower bow, vambrances of reroll save

Korhil (white lion special character) on lion chariot

Phoenix Guard special character

20 spearmen

10 archers

5 dragon princes

Tironac chariot

2 eagles

2 Bolt throwers

5 shadow warriors

Mission was pretty much a standard pitched battle

This table favored my heavily as there was a river running threw it seperateing 1 third of the table from the rest there were 2 bridges, and a small wood and a hill on the larger side of the river.

Deployment helped me again as I was able to get him to commit his archer and spearmen unit (containing PG special character) on the small side of the river while I deployed all my main units on the far left skinks screening the entire field, across from them was arrayed the dragon, dragon princes, both chariots and bolt throwers. My scouting skinks deployed in the woods.

Another added bonus for me was that this opponent knew my last opponent who had, apparently, talked up my army alot and told him what units to be wary off (mainly the skinks and stegadon). This would prove to be immensely usefull.

I again won first turn and my terradons advanced on my far right behind cover. My salamanders moved up ready to occupy the woods next turn and my skinks moved to the edge of cover to shoot at his shadow warriors. the rest of my army advanced just enough to allow my flank the dragon with multiple units regacrdless of what it charged. On his turn he moved......nothing save for the spearmen on the wrong side of the river, his shadow warriors who charged my skink (losing 2 to a stand and shoot) and his eagles. his shooting is mostly ineffectual save that the prince kills a kroxigor with his shiny bow

On turn 2 I move both my JSoD and my salamanders into the woods, next to the skink vs Shadow warrior combat. My terradons move into the flank of the archers and my left skink screen moves right infront of the dragon princes. The rest of my army advances meer inches. My shooting phase consists my right skink screen putting 2 wounds on an eagle and my salamanders torching the other one (lost 3 skink on that one), my great bow putting 2 wounds on the dragon and my left skink screen killing 2 dragon princes! The skinks and shadow warriors draw. Again he has minimal movement on his side, he moves the wounded eagle to march block my big units (which are barely moving...) and moves his spearmen onto the bridge. He charges the skinks with his dragon princes, who run, are run down, leaving him infront of 4 of my units. During his shooting phase, he manages to shoot 2 skinks off the back of the steg and thats it. In CC the skink manage to beat and run down the shadow warriors.

My turn 3 starts with the terradons charging into the flank of the archers and my JSoD charging the tiranoc chariot, my core saurus unit charges the DP who flee, the rest of my units move up to support them. My victorious skinks move up shoot at the dragon while my salamanders and right screen unit move to fire at the spearelves. In my shooting phase my skinks kill no spearmen while my salamanders kill.....2 and eat 5 skink leaving me with just 1 ouch! CC makes me feel better though as my JSoD crushes the chariot and overruns off the board and my terradons beat and destroy the archer unit. His turn, Finally the dragon moves too...flame some skink?!? He advances again with his spearelves and tries to maneuver the lion chariot so that it can charge the JSoD when it comes back, the Dragon princes rally. His shooting phase he kills the entire unit of skink, and 1 more skink off the steg, leaving 1.

Turn 4. No charges. The JSoD comes back and manages to get out of the chariots arch with his 9" move. My salamanders and skinks cluster around the spearelves, and my steg moves for a flank shot on the DPs, my terradons line up for a charge on the bolt thrower. The steg misses and the salamanders and skink manage to kill about 8-9 elves who hold. High Elf Turn 4, he chages the salamanders with the spearelves (due to my carelessness in positioning) who stupidly hold, the only other move is to try and hide his lion chariot behind his bolt thrower and moves the dragon to threaten my JSoD. His fire doesnt hurt the JSoD and his prince's shot hits but fails to wound. The fire at the steg puts 2 wounds on the dinosaur. In CC I find out that the PG special character does d3 wounds....ouch he kills 2 salamanders, the last sallie whiffs and runs off but is not caught....

Turn 5. Terradons charge the bolt thrower crew and JSoD charges the Lion Chariot with Korhil on it (I now find out that he has killing blow....). My only other movment is my steg who moves up to threaten the other bolt thrower and Dragon princes. Shooting does nothing. Now to cc, the terradons kill the BT crew and almost overrun into the other one (they overran 17"!) Korhil goes first, 2 hits, and then 1 six!!! Luckily I have the Aura of Quetzl and I make my ward save. I then smash the chariot but Korhil stays. On his turn he moves his Dragon princes back to avoid the stegadon? and then moves the dragon into the flanks of my large units, his spear elves are stuck in the woods. In his shooting phase his dragon kills 1 saurus despite hitting 8. and the bolt thrower kills the last skink on the steg who whimpers (dang!) his prince misses again with his bow (4 out of 5 shots failed to hit or wound). In CC the old blood finishes off the high elf hero.

Lat turn. My JSoD charges the dragon princes in the flank and the terradons charge the last bolt thrower. I turn my core saurus and kroxigor units to face the looming stardragon. My skink kill a few more spearelves but are unable to bring them below half... In CC the terradons kill the BT crew and my JSoD.....kills one elf and then takes 2 wounds!!! he then flees but is run down (terrible way for the old lizard to go....) On his last turn he charges my core saurus unit with BSB witht the Dragon and his wounded great eagle charges my skink (who fill it full of tiny wholes). My unit champion bravely steps forward....and is crushed by the weight of the dragon and prince (but he crucially made 2 saves vs the prince) which combined with my ranks+outnumber+standard+BSB+warbanner meant that I had won by one, disappointingly he held.

Tallying up points I came out 700 ahead. I also managed all 3 battle points.

18 Point win for Lizardmen.

My final opponent was Ogre Kingdoms, and again another list without magic (man I got lucky on that one) It was also made apparent that whoever won this match had a good chance of winning overall.

His list from memory

3 Ogre bruisers (not sure about gear)

3 units of 3 bulls with bellowers

2x4 Ironguts

3 maneaters

3 yetis

3x20 noblars

10 noblar trappers

We had a wide open middle which was flanked by a woods on my right and a ruins on my left.

He deployed his noblars on both far flanks, his yetis and maneaters on my right and then made a long line with the units of bulls with the iron guts staggered in between. I deployed off to the left in this order, salamanders, kroxigors, special saurus, core saurus. I deployed my stegadon on my right flank to either counter charge or to hold of the yetis. He put his trappers in the woods to my right and I put my skink scouts in the ruins.

I again win the roll for first turn. I move forward cautiosly with my entire line. My scouting skinks move in behind his lines and my terradons move up the right flank but out of range for the yetis. my salamanders move up to the ruins, on my right my skinks move past the noblar trappers and move up to tempt his maneaters while my JSoD moves up ready to charge some bulls. Shooting phase is uneventful with steg missing and my scouting skinks getting 1 wound on a maneater. His turn is not alot of movement save for his noblars and yetis. His noblars on my right march up towards either side of the forest, the trappers move to throw stuff at terradons while the yetis move into the woods, on his left his noblars turn to face my skink.

Turn 2 my JSoD charges the leftmost bull unit. Little movement from my main line, terradons move behind his line as do the scouting skinks on my left. The salamanders march into position to start spitting at ogres, and on my right my steg backs up so that he can still shoot at the ogres but cant be blindsighted by the yetis. My skinks in the forest move within 1" of the yetis to shoot at them. Shooting phase, my steg misses, the skinks manage to no to bring down a irongut on the left and a yeti on the right (all panic passed). In CC my JSoD manages to down an ogre but they hold. On His turn he maneuvers his iron guts to try and threaten my skinks and my salamanders while his maneaters and yetis advance, His trappers shoot at my skink killing 2. In cc his ogres manage 2 wounds on my JSoD! who causes 1 in return, he holds.

Turn 3 My salamanders charge into the flank of the bulls fighting my JSoD. the rest of my army holds save for the terradons and scouting skink who move in behind the ogre lines and my steg who turns to face the yeti on my flank and the skinks come out to shoot at the yettis as well. Shooting kills one yeti and leaves the last with 1 wound. The terradons and skink manage a few wounds on Ironguts but all are saved. In CC the bulls are routerd and flee down his line, my JSoD catches them and runs into a Bruiser attached to the flank of the center bull unit, the salamanders reframe from pursuing. On his turn the yeti charges my steg (passing a fear check), his trappers charge my skink (str 2 vs t 2) and his bruisers with the ironguts the turned charges out of his unit at the salamanders as do some noblars, the salamanders flee from the bruisers charge into the ruins, The noblars and skink draw. My JSoD manages 4 hits and 4 wounds killing the bruiser outright! the ironguts flee and are fun down.

Turn 4 has to be one of the most lopsided turns in terms of luck I have ever seen in my many years of warhammer. I start by declaring a charge into the flank of a unit of iron guts who opt to flee, they flee through the bruiser that charged my salamanders earlier, who fails his panic test and runs as well. In my shooting phase I fire my stegs great bow at the last unit of bulls, hit, wound, 3 wounds. The unit promptly fails its panic test and flees, right into a unit of skink! this forces the remaining unit of ironguts with his general to test and they fail as well, fleeing into the same unit of skink!!!! So to recap 1 shot from a giant bow just killed 3 ogre bulls, 4 ironguts and 1 bruiser...... At that point he could have conceded without losing any face but he decided to soldier on. On the bright side his noblars beat my skink and ran them down. On his turn, his fleeing unit of ironguts fails to rally :( but the bruiser does, his maneaters move up as do his 2 units of noblars on the right.

Turn 5, my skink screen on the left charges the fleeing ironguts off the table, and the salamnders who rallied last turn move up and blast the noblars panicing them. On the right the skink scouts and stegadon's shooting account for the which point he concedes.

17 point lizarddy win

The game looked pretty tight until that magic shot from the Stegs giant bow. I let him know that I would love a rematch and that I don't consider what happened any indication of his skill. Sometimes the dice like you, some times they hater you, or in this case, sometimes they want you dead.

So after all scores where tabulated I had finished in 1st place! My battle points where obviously solid and I was very happy with the sportsmanship scores I had received.

All in all I had an awesome day and look forward to future events at Dicehead.

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That I do, I dont get to play much on Sunday's but I did play in a tournament 2 weeks previous to this one there and placed 2nd. And if I'm not mistaken, I think we met once or twice "VC stands for ViCtory"

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I remember you. You use a different name on the GA boards, right?

Anyhow, congrats on the win.

Texas is great for Indy tourneys. There are about 4 within 1 to 5 hours and a league with 40+ people in it, an invitational circuit underway. Lots of gaming here, very cool.

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