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Hey, the Dwarf Glossary discussion has lead me to think that we, the LO dwraf community, should do a Easy to understand Guide to the Khazalid.

The Khazalid is the Dwarven language for anyone who doesn't know.

It would be great if a few people worked on this, and each person does a different part.
Here's a good guide to the khazalid:
Khazalid - HammerWiki, the Warhammer Online wiki - Zones, quests, guilds, and more
but i still think we should make our own, simpler version.

I'll do the suffixes, or the signifiers.

There are nine(9) different signifiers:-

Each one makes the "Root Word" mean something different, similar to the Suffixes -ing and -ed in the language of men.

-az means that the word means a physical thing or place. Dwarfs however, think that things of importance, such as Challenges, and large grudges, are also solid nouns and use this signifier.
-ak means that the word is an abstract concept such as Happiness, Anger, or chivalry.
-ar means that something that is indefinate, such as the endless war, or the passing of the days.
-en Something that is happening now, but not indefinitely, similar to the Human suffix -ing.
-i means a specific person, or group of people, such as a king, country, to engineers.
-al means an informal group of people, for example Dawal means a group of dwarfs, but not a specific group of dwarfs, such as a group of dwarfs in an inn.
-it can either mean a noun is of little importance, or can turn a noun into a verb. You can tell the difference by deciding which usage would make sense in the context.
-ul/kul means "The art of" or "The mastery of" the noun. for example "Angazal" is the mastery of ironwork.
-ha is the dwarf equivalent of an exclamation mark (!), or can turn a noun into an insult.
So that's a Brief guide on the Suffixes. Here is a commonly used quote from an Article on the Games Workshop website:
Ska = The root word.
Something to do with thieves or theft, relating to thieves or theft.
Ska + az = Skaz
A thief in general. (Note that the extra "a" is dropped).
Ska + i = Ski
Thieves in general (plural).
Ska + az + i = Skazi
A specific thief; "the thief".
Ska + it = Skit
"Steal", the act of theft.
Ska + ak = Skak
The concept of theft.
Ska + ar = Skar
Stealing, in the general sense that people have stolen since the dawn of time and will continue to do so forever.
Ska + en = Sken
Stealing, thievery, a theft which is currently taking place.
Ska + al = Skal
Any specific group of thieves, such as one might see in the slums of Altdorf-- as opposed to a named organisation of thieves.
Ska + ul = Skul (or possibly Skaul, Skhul or Skahul)
The art or mastery of theft; the profession of thievery.
Ska + ha = Ska ha (or possibly Skaha)
"Thief!" Used as an insult, or to indicate that you have just realised you have been stolen from.

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