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well from my earlier post im trying to write a conflict tournament list (1000 pts)
but i got thinking why dont i ask lo to right me list and see if it is any good

so lo plz write me a list:drinking:

i cant really buy any more minitures so you'll have to make do with the models i have.
which are:

2xmounted commanders (horses)
1xcommander (unmounted)
17xspearelves (model some like sea guard)full command
20xarchers 2xfull command
12xswordmasters full command
1xtiranoc chariot
8xshadow warriors
2xbolt throwers0:

so that is my model collection for u to base ur list on.

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It is LO policy not to have lists designed for you, unless there is a specific army list design thread for the army in question, such as the 40K chaos army lists, and Vampire counts army list maker.

If you wish to create a list, then we will happily critique it for you, but until then, you are unlikely to gain any responses.

ninja out
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