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(Be warned, this is a small rant as much as it is a call for players!)

Hey folks,

I've been playing Warhammer (40k primarily, for lack of fantasy players) for well over a year, and it's lately not been the relaxing, fun time I started into the hobby for. I've gone to the few LGS stores around here, including the local GW store, and frankly, I'm tired of players always looking for arguments.

I'd really love to play a game or even just talk about the hobby without having someone declare x, y, or z unit sucks, and God forbid anyone think differently or field it. I'd prefer a game I can get through without a declaration of how 'broken' this, that, or the other is.

The short of it is, I'm not a real competitive player; rather, one who enjoys the fluff, painting, and narrative of the game above all else. Moreover, I play to have fun, and not to prove how badass a commander I am. I'm looking for some like-minded gamers around here. I'm guilty of the above faults occasionally, like most folks, but it's become intolerable in my usual hangouts. I don't mind a little drive one a week or so if it means having social fun with my hobby again!
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