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Looking to start a medium-sized GK army

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Title sums it up nicely.

The only other army I've played is Tau, and I just think Grey Knights look so cool to pass up on making an army. I'm also just wanting to have a force that kicks butt in close combat, but not limited to it. I'm looking to shoot for a 1000-point army with nothing but Grey Knights units. I'm also not one for spending a dime before I have a force in my mind that I've planned, so testing out with a small GK force isn't my style.

I want there to be fairly bare-bones squads for my requirements (which still cost 300 for the troops...that still amazes me...). Other than that, I want it to be very terminator heavy with a Dreadnought or two for support. I'm not a fan of the psycannons (they cost so much!!).

I have to go soon, so I will add in a quick army list later. What I'm curious about is how to structure my list (what my termies should have; thunder hammer or force weapon? etc.) and if this list will work well.
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First off I'd check out some army lists to get a good idea of how their structured.

I'd first buy a Grandmaster and 2 squads of Grey Knights. Then 3-6 Terminators as a retinue for your Grandmaster.

Then I'd get a Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Missle Launcher for anti armour. This would give you a good starting list.

If you wanted to expand further you could get some FAGK (Fast Attack Grey Knights).

You could either deep strike your Grandmaster and his retinue, or you could give him a Land Raider or Land Raider Crusader. I'd suggest deep striking him in a 1000 pt game, and if you do deep strike them then I'd give the GM or a terminator in his retinue a Pyscannon so he can get a shot with it on the turn he comes down. If you really didn't want Pyscannon's then you don't wouldn't have to take it, but I'd suggest so. I'd put 2 Pyscannon's in the foot slogging Grey Knights so they can get some good shots off before they hit combat.

After you have 2-4 Grey Knight squads, GM w/retinue, and a Dreadnought that should be around 1000 pts.

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