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Right-o! This is a continuation of my modelling W.I.P. thread that you can view here.

It occurs to me that while I have been painting this model for a little while and updating the progress on The Warforge, I have neglected to post the progress here.

Allow me to remedy this! I'll get you guys up to speed.

To start with, I began basecoating the thing in the reds that I wanted to represent the fact that this used to be, at some point in its prior career, a furioso dreadnought. On the heels of that, I gave the thing a healthy black ink washing by mixing some future floor acrylic into the mix in an attempt to bring some of the details back out that my heavy-handed painting might have obscured. This worked fairly nicely as far as washing goes, but it left the model remarkably glossy.

Painting that little grot in the cockpit is a pain, let me tell you!

It was around this point I decided I wanted to rebase the miniature in order to make it match the desert-ish theme of the rest of my ork army's bases.

After this, I went ahead and started painting the arms and engine:

That last little shot was just for fun on the base of an action figure I once had but have since list. My photos get a little better later on, sorry about these - I am trying to snap some shots off under relatively poor conditions in my apartment, and the glossy appearance from the washes makes it hard to photograph. Anyway, at this point, I was still basically base coating the model and hitting it with a wash here or there to try and help the metal parts and recesses along.

This brings us to where the model is now. The model's not yet done, but it's coming along. I spent two hours yesterday watching a movie and very irritatingly trying to highlight all of the hard edges on the dreadnought with thin lines of vallejo's blazing orange, and I think I like the way it looks, though it doesn't quite match the aesthetic of my other orky vehicles. Still, it's looted, so I suppose that's fine.

At this point, I fiddled with my camera's color and exposure settings, so I think these are a bit more true-to-life than my previous photos in varying light. I tried to take them up close, though obviously you'll see all the nitty gritty details of the painting as I still haven't quite figured out how to do some smooth blending of colors.

I'm currently trying to figure out what and where I can put a blood angel icon on it, but I can't make up my mind. I think the best spot would either be on the front of the arm with the sawblades, or the side of that arm underneath the armor plate. I should probably have left half the chest bare, as it seems that that's where the major identifying icons go on dreads, but oh well. I'll probably freehand whatever it is like I tried to do with the checks, simply because I am far too lazy to learn how to properly decal things!

Here's one last little closeup:

Grots are fun. :)

To reiterate, the model's not yet done. I have some weathering yet to do and the metals need some work. I thought it'd be nice to post something I was actually painting, though. :)

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Great to see this thing get some paint on it. 'Tis looking great! Rep for you :).

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Sure you don't want to start a new conversion-project instead of painting this, then? I mean, don't want to break tradition.


Looks great so far.
I am horrendously bad at self-restraint, don't tempt me!

As I mentioned, I'm still not quite done painting this thing. I wanted to do a bit more to the metals, but the whole thing obviously still looked a bit too pristine.

With that in mind, I only had a little bit of free time today, so I had at it by chipping the paint around some of the edges. They're probably hard to make out, but it's not like I'm looking for much of an excuse to post more photos. :p Some of them might be harder to see, I suppose.

I also worked on adding a bit of gore and bloody spray to the close combat arms. It gets a bit lost against the red of the dreadnought, but it seemed like it would be a nice touch.

I found a remarkably easy method to doing this. It's five very easy steps:

1) Get a red gore color (darker red) and drybrush it on around the area you intend to have bloodied up.
2) Mix a brighter red color with a touch of orange, and water it down a lot. I don't know how precise you need to be, but I did something like 2:1 water to paint.
3) Get a big brush and load the tip up with a big drop of the watered down red liquid.
4) Get a paper towel and wrap the areas you do not want the blood on. For example, on the buzzsaw arm, I wrapped doubled-up paper towel around the entire arm and left just the buzzsaw exposed.
5) Hold the brush up about 3-4 inches from the part to be bloodied, and blow hard on the bristles from a few inches away.

The spray from the paint blowing off the brush creates a convincing bloody mess on the part you have exposed. Just let it dry - don't overdo it. You can control the size of the blood spray droplets on the model by holding the brush closer or farther from the model - the closer you get, the bigger the drops that are sprayed.

It's super-easy, and if you get it right I think it creates a convincing appearance. I'm not certain it worked out all that well on the chainaxe, but that's mostly because the thing was red to begin with. I'm not sure if leaving the red overspray on the yellow glyphs like I have it now helps sell the effect a bit more or not.

Anyway, there you go. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this model now, though the metals need some more work to make them pop. Maybe I'll drybrush them with a bit of a brighter silver in places.

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Very, very fine work.
It's always nice to see anything you actually manage to paint...!

Not much more to say really, good paint job.

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