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Looted Vehicle

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Can speed freaks have more than 1 looted Vehicle? It does'nt say 01 like in the regular codex.
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i know that normall orks can only get one looted vehicle, im not sure about speed freaks but i think ther the same thing
Speedfreaks looted vehicles are 0-1. the speedfreaks rules in in the armaggedon codex and their rules have some differences to start ork armies. if your looking for more than 1 looted vehicles then you should consider the clan rules which are available on the gw website.
Yes I have the armageddon codex and it does not say o-1 in looted vehicles. It says that in the regular ork codex which i have also, but not in the armageddon codex. It has many other things listed as 0-1 in the armageddon codex but looted vehicles is not one of them. Why would they not list them as 0-1 unless they are'nt?
It does list Looted vehicles as a 0-1 in the codex i have, additionally you can look in Chapter Approved 2004 for the updates its in there also where it also lists looted vehicles as 0-1. it would be wonderful if they were not 0-1, but sadly this is not the case. The only heavy choice that is not 0-1 in Speedfreaks is Guntrukks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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