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LOS and Hills

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Considering a Lvl 3 hill (block los to all units on table, difficult), do you or don't you have to be at 6ps of the border to see outside it?

here is what happened in last fight. An unit was hidden behing a hill. A crisis on the other side of the hill, just stepped few ps to be on the hill and claimed to have a clear los... Through 20ps of big hill.

This seems to me unrealistic at most, and nowhere in rules i can see that as soon as you put a foot on a lvl3 hill (difficult) you have a clear line of sight on everything.

It was a friendly game, so i accepted the opponent fire, and eventually won the game anyway;)
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Line of sight is line of sight for most cases. When in doubt, just bend down and physically see if the model literally has line of sight. That's what I do and it's kind of hard to argue something like that. I would say no, he didn't have clear line of sight, if any he probably had only a few models of the squad and would only be able to fire at those few. depends on how the hill was designed. If it was leveld...then he may have had line of sight..but if the hill was actuall modeled like a real hill...then no. Fact is, it's hard to tell without seeing it.
page 20, first paragraph answers it quite simply. Only time you don't use MEV (model Eye View) is area terrain or CC.
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