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I know its really really old, but I was wondering whether its still legal to use the lost and the damned codex addition to the chaos codex.

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It depends on what you mean by 'legal,' as it was never technically legal in a competitive world without permission from tournament organisers. In friendly games it was typically legal, so long as your opponent was cool with it. In 5th edition, I'd say it's a bit too outdated to be considered a legal list; it was written with the previous CSM codex in mind, not the current one, so I'd probably say it won't be allowed in most cases. Also, various rules and units may not exist anymore in the current codex, that are mentioned in LatD. I'd say it's probably not going to be allowed.

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Nem is correct, it is way too outdated now. If you are going to use it look around on the forums, I seems to remembers there is an updated version someone did to bring it into0 loine with the 4th edition chaos codex. Still not legal, but you may be anble to convince your regular opponents to let you use it.

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I was wondering whether its still legal to use the lost and the damned codex addition to the chaos codex
Not verbatim. The CSM Units in Codex: Eye of Terror were 3rd ed versions.
LatD and DH players all got brutally Gavved when the new Chaos dex came out.
It's easily remedied with a red pencil, but some fanboys will howl and throw feces:


Special Rules: d3 Strategy Rating; Sentries use Units of 10 Rebels;
Sergeants may not be Vessels; Vehicles may only take Upgrades from
their parent Codex; Allied Units may not be taken as compulsory FOC
choices; Cult Allies = Elites; Greater/ Lesser Daemon Units *do* use a
Chart slot.

0-2 Lord or Sorc, 0-1 Greater Daemon, 0-1 Champ Coven, 0-1 CSM HQ Ally -
Ally, Lord, Sorcerer and GD per Chaos Codex. Champions =
Number/Squad: 2-6 CSM Champions as a single HQ choice.
Champs must be attached to squads of Rebels prior to Deployment.

Coven Champion Costs -
Undivided (Glory): 30 Points.
Noise Champion: 35 Points.
Skull Champion: 36 Points.
Plague Champion: 38 Points.
Sorcerer: 60 Points (Includes Doombolt).

All HQ Units follow their corresponding Codex entries
for Wargear, Character upgrades and Special Rules.

0-3 Possessed, 0-3 Lesser Daemons, 0-3 Mutants, 0-1 CSM Elite ally -
Ally, Possessed and LDs per Chaos Codex. Mutants =
25pt 4 2 6 4 3 3 2 7 5+ 3-10 per Unit w/ ccw only, but 0-2 per
Unit may take 6pt Flameguns. All may be upgraded to Nurglesque
(4+Sv but at -1I) for +5ppm.

2-6 Rebel Guard Units, 0-2 Chaos Marine Allies -
Allies per Chaos Codex. Rebel = 6pt 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+
10-30 per Unit w/ Frag, Pistol&CCW, or Frag&Lasgun @+1ppm;
add Krak @1ppm; Nurglesque ([email protected]) for +2ppm; 0-3 Personal
Icon Bearers @+3pts ea; 0-2 Flamegun @+3pts ea; 0-1 A2 Ld9 Sgt
per Unit @+10pt with up to 25pts of Wargear/ Officer-only Wargear
from Codex: IG.

0-3 LatD Hounds, 0-1 CSM FA ally, 0-1 IG FA Ally -
Allies per parent Codices. LatD Hounds = 10pt 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 8 6+
2-10 per Unit. Move as Cavalry.

0-3 Defiler, 0-3 Basilisk, 0-3 LatD Spawn Pack, 0-1 IG Ally -
Ally and Basilisk per IG Codex. Defiler per Chaos Codex. LatD Spawn =
20pt 3 0 5 5 2 3 d6 9 3+
1-3 per Unit. d6 S5 Attacks per Assault Phase; Fearless; Dim: Moves
vs Ld test at start of every turn. If failed, may not Move or Assault.


There you go - it prints out on one page and hits all the high spots.

Also, there's a difference between "legal" and Officially Supported -
RAW isn't a set of "laws" enforcable outside sanctioned tournaments.
And, ironically, RAW are routinely treated as suggestions by the organizers.
So yes, LatD is, by definition, every bit as 'legal' as Blood Angels.

Plus iirc, our published rules are newer. ;- )

But, LatD isn't -=!Officially Supported!=- with their own section in stores.
I'm certain that if LatD had a pricey model line, you need'nt have asked . . .

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