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lost kindred?

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the other day i was looking in the army book and found at the rare choices "dogs of war" the mentioning of "the lost kindred" and "Scarlocs Wood Elves"
my question is who are they, and were can i find there rules?

thanks in advance

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this has bugged me as well and unfortunately despite my digging all i can come up with is they're not in any dow armylist that i can find and all thats on the net are a bunch of shoddy background storyies
Scarloc was a fifth edition special character, basically he was a scout with the Hail of Doom Arrow and better stats. Fluff wise, according to this book, he acted as the emissionary for the Asari. He use to come in a boxed set with scouts, I know someone who has/had them.

The Lost Kindred, a Kindred that once dwelt in Athel Loren who were dependant upon a single type of tree. But due to the change of magic within the forest and dispite all their attempts the trees were slowly dying off and no new ones were replacing them. They recieved news of a grove that held the trees they required and the King and Queen of the wood let them go, it is believed they settled in a grove hidden in the Grey Mountains but no contact bar the rare few has ever been established via thess lost elves and those or Loren.

Since I can't paste links you can do the following.

Skarloc's Wood Elves

That should answer you questions.
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