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Been trying to improve my painterly skills the past few weeks or so, and this is what i've managed to churn out:

A might warrior priest of Sigmar (well, sort of - sigmar can get stuffed as far as i'm concerned, long live Khorne!)

I tried to actually make a decent base this time, and i'm quite happy with it.

Made a start on Orks, too, and converting them is awesome - though this is the painting forum, so have a WIP kommando (now finished)

Doesn't show amazingly well on the photo but i'm trying to get highlighting working for me.

C+C needed! Thanks :D

EDIT: Just realised this thread wasn't exactly living up to the title of "lots of new gubbins", so have some gubbins too - soon to be painted!

I'll update when they're painted, and got a few more painted pics to upload too :)
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