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Lots Of Questions

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1. What is the best type of Assasin?
2. Are Death Cultists any good?
3. Is it worth inducting Imperial Guard
4. What is better for a Grey Knight Dreadnought, Psycannon rounds or an Incinerator?
5.Can you give Acolytes Artificier armour but no weapons to protect an Inquisitor?
6. Are Purgation Squads good?
7. What Orbital Strike should I take, if any?

Thanks in Advance :D

(I'll post an Army List once I've had a few replies)
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I like to use the Vindicare with Daemonhunters. On the average, he will kill 3 of the enemy during the game (2+ to hit, 4+ to wound, AP 2). Just make sure those kills are important people - like Farseers, high up leaders, or heavy weapon toting models. He pays for himself quickly.

Not big on the Death Cultists. They cost almost as much as a Terminator, but do not have a 2+ normal armor save, nor a ranged attack (and GKs carry Nemesis Force Weapons anyway).

I do not like inducted IG, but know a number of people that do take them in order to expand their abilities. Mostly fixing the army's problem with killing enemies that have 3+ (or better) armor saves and tanks.

I dig the Dreadnought with lascannons and an incinerator. I have seen someone use it with the plasma cannon when they were fighting space marines.

I don't see why not on the artificer armor. My Inquisitor Lord wears terminator armor though, so I would try to save against most things unless they are AP 2 or autokill strength (or the Lord has already taken a wound). If anything, I would think about giving the acolyte a refractor field (feeling lucky about rolling a 5 or 6 against a lascannon?) or nothing at all. All henchmen come with a laspistol and close combat weapon unless otherwise described.

Purgation squads rock in many cases. 4 psycannons in the unit and 1 on the justicar means 15 strength 6 shots. All at BS 4. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

The orbital strike really depends on who you are fighting. The Lance Stike would be my choice for an "all purpose" one. That thing is a little random though. You might be better off using a Dreadnought if your opponent does not field lots of models.
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Ok. Here is my 1500 point army list:

HQ: 670

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord: 145
Inquisitor Lord 45
Eviscerator 25
Plasma Pistol 15
Artificer Armour 15
Icon of Just 25
Holocaust 20

Inquisitor Lord’s Retinue: 185
Veteran Guardsman 10
Grenade Launcher 10
Gun Servitor 10
Plasma Cannon 35
Combat Servitor 10
Power Fist 15
Acolytes (x3) 24
Plasma Pistols (x3) 45
Familiar 6
Sage (x2) 20

Brother Captain Stern: 141
Grand Master 141

Grey Knight Terminator Retinue: 209
Terminators (x4) 184
Psycannon 25

Elites: 80

Death Cult Assassins: 80
Death Cultists (x2) 80

Troops: 220

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers: 110
Stormtroopers (x10) 100
Grenade Launcher 10

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers: 110
Stormtroopers (x10) 100
Grenade Launcher 10

Fast Attack: 310

Grey Knights: 310
Grey Knights (x9) 225
Justicar 50
Incinerator 10
Psycannon 25

Heavy Support: 210

Orbital Strike: 80
Melta Torpedo 80

Grey Knight Dreadnought: 130
Dreadnought 80
Twin-Linked Lascannons 50

Tactics:I will get Orbital Strike employed as soon as I can and hope that I knocks out enemy tanks, If it doesn't, I will Deep-Strike the Grey Knights and Terminators, I neither of these work I have a Dreadnought, also with a list like this I don't see me having any problems with infantry
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