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Hi guys,
I just started a Dwarf army (actually, I just bidded on ebay), and I have a lots of questions concerning some technical aspects of list making.

1. From your experience, are 20 Thunderers enough or are 30 better ? I'm use to bows, so I really don't knwo how effective gunpowder is.
2. Organ Gun VS Thunderers, for around the same amount of points, which one do you use in a list with 3-4 Bolthrowers already ? By this, I mean, does +1 str, -1 armour save, 20 less points and smaller board space makes for unreliability, vulnerability to anti-warmahines/small shooting, -1 to hit and no stand and shoot ?
3. Magic defense heavy (400 pts spent) a must or simply Smith with 3x Spellbreaking ?
4. How many big block do you use ? 2 or 3 ?
5. Hammerers VS IronBreakers without a Lord in the list ?
6. LongBeards VS Hammerers ? Long Beards are core, and have a difference of 1 to their armour save but are immune to panic/re-roll nearby, and cost 1 less point doing so.
7. Lord, a must ? Or 2 Thane do just as good ? (my Lord set up reached 331 pts...)

I know some of these questions are answered by a matter of taste, but I've spent over 2hrs today figuring over 3x 2000 pts army list and couldn't make my choice on what to and what not to take...

The most important questions to me are #1 #2 #4 #7*

Actually, my base is 20 Thunderers, 3-4 Bolthrowers. Everything else as to be chosen.

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