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1) 30 thunderers is too much even 20 is. 10 is usually enough if you don't plan to play a heavy shooting army. thunderers are way superior to quarellers +1 to hit modifier and -2 armor save is difference maker. However 10 thunderer 10 quarreller is good.
2) Organ gun is Auto hit! that is Auto Hit! not many things are auto hit. In addition s5 Ap.. 4 Bolt thrwrs. are optional. nor good not bad
3) Sometimes a single Runesmith with 2 dispell scroll is enough. Sometimes a runelord with anvil and a single dispell scroll. That is usually what i put in my army. But sometimes these won't be enough for some armies. Vampires, Deamons, Skaven SAD's etc. But don't worry too much. Even Don't take a runesmith for 1000 pts :D
4) For a balanced army 3, 20 FC units + plus 10 models of slayers or 8 models of miners.
5) Hammerers everyday. They are stubborn. Will usually survive end of the combat whether there is a Dwarf lord or not.
6) Longbeards ftw, core unit ws5 s4 immune to panic make others rerroll panic. I can't find anything better. Old Grumblers you are the granpas i would like to have.
7) to customize heros lords too much is not good for us more troops are usually better. Dwarf Lord (which is born on shields Do not forget :D) with a great weapon rune of resistance+stone. and master rune of challenge+rune of furnace) which is 235 pts, is good enough. if not put on a shield and some runed sword makes it 270, more than 300 is overkill.

My observation is whenever i have more cc troops in the game my odds of winning increases greatly.
8) in addition learn and use Gyro :D
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