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Well as you mention, its all about taste. And in fact, most of those questions (if not all), will be answered, once you've had a few games.
I'll try and answer the questions, though remember that some of them is of my personal liking, so dont take them as a fact.

1: The minus 2 save modifier is always a great deal, though 30 is perhaps a bit over the top. Interesting nevertheless though. Why? At that number, and even 20, it gets quite difficult to deploy them.
2: 3-4 BT's is perhaps a bit...well I've never played with that many before :act-up: But I've gone very fond of the Organ gun. Just remember, that its a war machine, and its not as reliable as the Thunderers.
3: I'd say thats the difficulty when playing dwarfs these days. Its getting difficult, to make an army which can withstand the brute force of the enemy and at the same time, deal with their cowardly wizards. In 2k game, I tend to use a single Runesmith with MroBalance and a rune of spellbreaking. And thats about it. The reason for this is that, I'll then focus most of my artillery, on the unit in which the spellcasters are hiding in.
But Im only speaking of this, because of the lack of my experience, with the anvil. Which is 0 :dance:
4: The units of blocks should be > or = the number of shooting units. Thats how I get the best gaming experience.
5: Without a Lord? Ironbreakers, everyday. Why? 2+ armour save and can hold most enemy units. Hammerers are a cool unit, though, in my oppinion, they dont really shine unless they bodyguard their Lord. Just remember, they are stubborn now. With or without the Lord, which is a huge advantage. Even though we want them to use their big Hammers, hand and shield aint a bad thing. You can survive most encounters, with a 3+ save.
6: In every army I've ever played, Longbeards have always been a part of it. There is nothing more sad, than seeing your sturdy dwarfs, run because of thing like panic..In addition to that, they are not bad fighters either.
7: Well...its perhaps...a bit too much, but then again if it works..^^ The most my Lord has ever costed, is just a little over 300 pts. But I think he is worth every penny. Not only does he have some awsome stats, he always makes your opponent wonder. Should he try and face him with his strongest....weakest? Or just avoid completely. My usual build of characters, in 2k is a Lord, a Runesmith, a BSB and a fighter Thane.

I hope this was sufficient for you. Else I hope some other ale drinking dwarfs makes their input.
But as I said in the beginning, get some gaming experience, and see what works for you and more importantly, find out what you like to play with :act-up:

Happy Hunting!
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