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The Jumael I 'Lucky Aces'
These guys can be made using Catachan heads, legs and torsos (ONLY the ones with vests) and Cadian arms. Get rid of the shoulder pads woth a hobby knife and carefully fix the shoulder with Green Stuff. If you feel up for it, you can convert the headbands into goggles. Now dive into your bits box and find lots of grenades, pouches and stuff to cover these guys with.
Any human heads will actually do with these guys as long as they are helmetless. The 'Lucky Ace' depicted in the 3rd ed IG Codex could be made using a zombie head!
-Colour scemes: Brown, green or tan colours. Remember to use the ace-of-spades symbol a lot on these guys.

(Doctrines: Mechanised, Veterans, Special Weapon Squads, Ratling Squads, Priests)

I was a-browsing through the website (to avoid the dull life of the office)

Always liked the look of the 'Lucky Aces' (mainly because of their luck...of all things!)

I've only ever seen the one piece of fluff for them, in the IG codex an edition or so ago...with one small grey box of text.


Who decided they are the doctrines of the aces? Or is there more fluff that I be missing, if so - anyone care to reveal it?

:-D Danke Schon! :?
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