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hey folks this is my cool army list hope you like it! i was reading an old white dwarf when i came across an article about the horus heresy. Inside it detailed the creation of the luna wolves and had some sketches of thier uniforms and coloration. Being a big fan of daemonhunters and already owning a pure grey knight force myself. i thought i might trickle down the path of chaos and make an army list based on the luna wolves during the time of thier turning to chaos. in order to do this i needed something that made them stand out. So, as i was looking through my daemonhunters codex i was reading about some of the inquisitors that decided to use the powers of chaos in order to defeat it. thus branding themselves heretics. and thats where my army list was born,
"heretic inquisitor leads inducted luna wolves." what a concept!!!! so here is my list. i hope you enjoy it.

HQ ordo malleus Inquisitor lord (heretic)
henchman: 1 acolyte 2 sage 2 familiar 2 servitors (1 plasma cannon 1 combat)
Psychic powers:word scourging holocaust

storm troopers (10) 2 flamer veteran trooper =plasma pistol and force weapon/rhino
storm trooper(10) 2 flamer veteran trooper= plasma pistol and force weapon w/ rhino
luna wolves scout squad (5) 4 sniper rifles and sergeant

tactical squad: 7+1 sergeant multimelta/ lascannon
tactical squad : 7+1 sergeant multimelta/lascannon
2 daemon host
2 deathcult assassin
storm trooper 10 ( 2 flamers) veteran sergeant with plasmapistol and force weapon.

luna wolves space marine assault squad 7 w/2 plasma pistol and 1 veteran sergeant w/ lightening claws
predator annihilator

well thats my preheresy luna wolves list. i thought it was a cool twist to be led by a heretical inquisitor just seemed right. im going to test them out tommorrow, so who knows how they will do anyway enjoy!

10 storm troopers,
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